The Poison Garden where a person can die just a by touching a few plants

The Poison Garden black gate has a warning These plants can be Seriously deadly & this warning is no joke. Plot behind these The Poison Garden black iron bars is the most dangerous garden in the world & is open to the public.

This Poison Garden was built in 2005 at Elnock in North Humberland England. There are more than 100 poisonous & addictive plants.

Dan Smith a guide at the Poison park said that tourists are given a safety briefing before entering the park.

The Poison Garden where person can die touching few plants

The Poison Garden They are told that they cannot touch taste or smell any plant in this Poison garden.

Despite this precaution as the website note also states sometimes some tourists faint due to breathing in this toxic atmosphere while walking.

Mr Dean Smith said the dangerous plant cultivated here is the monk hood or wolf bean which contains aconitine a neurotoxin & cardiotoxin but that not the worst.

Most poisonous plant we have here is the resin commonly called the castor bean or castor oil plant.

Guinness Book of  Global World Records considers it  most poisonous plant in the Global world.

Mr Dean Smith said that surprisingly many of the things that grow in the garden are very common & many of the plants here are native to the United Kingdom UK & most of the plants are alarmingly easy to cultivate. Even popular household garden shrubs such as rhododendrons are here. These leaves contain granatotoxin which attacks the human nervous system when eaten. You are unlikely to eat the leaves as they taste unpleasant.

& then there is the laburnum tree the second most poisonous 03 in Britain only the yew 03 is more dangerous. Many people keep them around their homes because of their beautiful yellow flowers but they contain a toxin called cytisine.

According to Dean Smith this 03 is so poisonous that if 01 of the branches falls to the floor it will lie there for months & later a dog comes along & picks it up chances are the dog will will-not be able to complete the walk & will die.

Poisonous plants don't only affect humans or dogs with their poison.

As Smith points out rhododendrons can also poison the soil if they grow in close enough numbers. Then nothing else will grow on this earth except them.

If bees extract honey from the same plants the liquid becomes red in color & if consumed in small quantities it has intoxicating chemical properties. Overdosing can be fatal Smith warns.

Some plants are so dangerous that they should not be eaten touched or even smelled. There is also a plant in this garden that can kill you if you just clean it.

Plant Prunus larucarias also known as cherry laurel or English laurel contains 02 components that are harmless if separated. These are cyanogenic glycosides & cyanide ones. But if an animal mixes these 02 ingredients while chewing the leaves or a human tries to cut them they emit cyanide gas.

Usually you're in a place where there air but if you're with them in an enclosed space where air can not escape like in the trunk of a car says Smith. If you're going you're close to cyanide gas.

Like the Christmas rose hellebores are a dangerous plant. Its root contains cardiotoxins or poisons that can stop your heart beating & its juice causes itching. Smith cautions to wear gloves when approaching them & never pull them off with your teeth.

The Poison Garden urdu report

The gardeners of this garden would never do that.

Robert Turnant the head financial officer here says his staff takes a variety of security measures.

There are some plants where you don't need any protection but there are also some where you can not go without a full protective suit face mask and gloves.

Gardener Amy Thorpe is not worried about all these concerns. I don't think I should worry because I think many of these plants have been around since before us she says. So it is up to us to become aware of them. Many of these plants have good uses not all of them are bad.

In fact many dangerous plants present here are a means of curing diseases. Like Yew which is used in the treatment of breast cancer.

The periwinkle plant is also a double edged sword. Its ingredients can be deadly but if used correctly they can be used to make useful medicines.

So it's not surprising that the garden is part of a drug education program. Claire Mitchell head of community & education says the north east of England has the highest number of dr-ug related deaths.

Something needs to be done to convey the right information to the youth. So the plan for the drug education program came out of the poison garden tour. The purpose of this program is to prevent drugs.

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This garden also tells the ABC of dr-u-gs. Opium is grown here which is class A hemp which is class B & katha edulis known as khat is class C says Smith.

But according to gardener Turnant his staff keeps track of each plant & at the end of each season regular proof is given that these plants have-been destroyed.