Why did it take nine years for The Legend of Maula Jatt to hit the screens

Maula Jatt : Hours of waiting are over and the Pakistani film The Legend of Maula Jatt is finally being released on 13 October across the country including the world which Pakistani cinema & Film Maula Jatt fans have-been waiting for for many years.

In December 2013 director Bilal Lashari had tweeted about making the film Maula Jat & it has-been almost nine years now.

The Legend of Maula Jatt Film Released to hit the screens

During this time cinemas around the world were also closed due to the global epidemic of Corona for about 20 months but still this journey was very long.

After the announcement of The Legend of Maula Jatt it took about 1 to one & a half years to work on the script & casting & then the filming began. Watching the trailer of the film it seems that VFX has-been heavily used which could be 1 of the reasons for the delay.

Talking about  delay in the release producer of the film Amara Hekmat said that in December 2018 he had released the teaser of this film and it was supposed to be released on Eid-ul-Fitr in year 2020 but three months before the release Corona virus hit. Due to the global pandemic there was a worldwide lockdown & cinemas were closed.

It should be remembered that Sultan Rahi and Mustafa Qureshi film Maula Jatt released in the year 1979 directed by Younis Malik & produced by Sarwar Bhatti is one of the most successful films in history of Pakistan.

Film ran for several years & even after that at least 3 films were made under this name Maula Jatt Te Noori Nath Maula Jatt In London & Pupil Maula Jatt Da.

It should be remembered that Nasir Adeeb also wrote a film Wahshi Jatt in the year 1975 in which the roles of Mukho & Maula were present.

Bilal Lashari  director of  The Legend of Maula Jatt hopes that the film will give a new dimension to Pakistani cinema while producer Amara Hekmat is very optimistic about the success of the film.

According to Bilal Lashari and Amara Hikmat when they expressed their intention to make The Legend of Maula Jatt the aim was to give a new dimension to Pakistani cinema in a modern way by connecting it with the past.

The cast of the film Maula Jatt

Fawad Khan Hamza Ali Abbasi Mahira Khan &  Hamima Malik are playing the roles of Maula Jat, Noori Nath Mukho & Daru respectively in this film while Gauhar Rasheed will-be seen in the role of Mukkha.

Film  Maula Jatt also stars Ali Azmat Shafqat Cheema and Nayar Ijaz, who add to the star cast.

Director Bilal Lashari said that when he was making the film War  at that time he mentioned film Maula Jat to Hamza & Fawad.

He says that at that time both of them were not so big stars during that time they became big stars & this film is not about 1 but all the characters & all the actors got into their roles.

Maula Jatt could have-been made only in Punjabi

On the film Maula Jatt being in Punjabi Bilal Lashari said that English films are watched by every language speaker in the world because the style of storytelling and imagery transcends language but this film is Maula Jatt & It is only in Punjabi. could have been.

According to the producer of this film Amara Hekmat this film will-be presented in China only by dubbing in Chinese language. Apart from this it will-be released in Punjabi language only in the rest of the world with Urdu & English subtitles.

Movie trailer Maula Jatt

The trailer of the Pakistani film The Legend of Maulah Jatt feels like fruit of years of hard work.

Story of the ancient times a unique but suspicious atmosphere the bond between 2 characters that crosses the limit of enmity moments immersed in the sauce of love in which Fawad Khan & Mahira are together for 1st time after the drama Hum Safar. are seen

Fawad Khan & Hamza Ali Abbasi looked completely settled in their respective roles while Mahira Khan traditional simplicity & Hamima Malik fierce look nailed it.

It is a fantasy world but feels much closer to reality. Gundasa an old weapon but seen with innovation is being presented in a modern twist to the 1979 film.

It may be recalled that there was a lot of noise due to the copyright of  The Legend of Maula Jatt & Sarwar Bhatti the producer of Maula jatt released in 1979 objected that his permission was not taken because according to him He has the rights of this film till 2024.

In this context Sarwar Bhatti had also filed a case on this film but later this matter was resolved through mutual understanding between Amara Hikmat & Sarwar Bhatti.

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According to Amara Hikmat all the misconceptions about this have been removed & Sarwar Bhatti has also expressed good wishes for this film.