An year has passed since the withdrawal of the American and Nato army from Afghanistan a military parade of the Taliban  Govmt at Bagram Airbase

Taliban government Military Parade:Taliban government in Afghanistan had announced to celebrate the withdrawal of American army as independence on completion of 1 year 

It has-been a year since the withdrawal of  Nato US troops from Afghanistan & on this occasion Taliban held a military parade at Bagram Air Base.

On August 31 last year withdrawal of United States US troops from Afghanistan was completed & the US troops returned after two decades.

Taliban military Praade at Bagram Airbase independence Celebrate 2022 Afghanistan
Taliban military Prade at Bagram Airbase independence Celebrate 2022 Afghanistan 

The Taliban government in Afghanistan had announced to celebrate the one-year anniversary of withdrawal of US troops as independence.

Combat helicopters military armored vehicles & other equipment were displayed in the military parade 

A military parade was held at Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan in which Afghan Prime Minister & Cabinet & foreign diplomats participated.

Foreigners took everything with them when leaving Afghanistan Afghan Prime Minister

Combat helicopters military armored vehicles & other equipment were displayed in Taliban military parade.

In his speech on this occasion Afghan Prime Minister  Mr Mullah Muhammad Hassan Akhund said that basic facilities were not available to Islamic Emirate after  end of the previous government despite this Islamic Emirate ensured national security by ending bombings killings & looting. .

He said that foreigners took everything with them while leaving Afghanistan & imposed restrictions which increased poverty in Afghanistan.

Taliban military Praade at Bagram Airbase independence Celebrate 2022 Afghanistan

Display of US military equipment

Taliban social media accounts posted numerous videos & photos of newly trained soldiers many of them displaying US military equipment.

One post which featured a photo of a large Taliban flag now painted on the wall of the former US embassy ​​was captioned: This is how you humiliate a superpower & force it out of your country. They make fun of him.

Despite the pride of the Taliban coming to power 380,000 people in Afghanistan are now facing a humanitarian crisis. The crisis has escalated after billions of dollars in assets were frozen & foreign aid cut off.

Difficulties have increased for ordinary Afghans especially women.

Taliban  Govmt have closed secondary girls schools in many provinces and banned many government jobs for women.

He has also ordered women to wear full veil in public places.

Ornos Umzai a resident of Kandahar, the center of Taliban power said Now I am sitting at home without a job.

Government spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid insists that there have-been  major achievements in the past year.

Speaking to reporters last week he said No more Afghans are dying in the war foreign forces have left & security has improved.

KABUL August 30 2022: Fireworks are displayed in Afghanistan's capital to mark the 1 year anniversary of the withdrawal of US forces.

Taliban Government has declared a national holiday on Wednesday to mark the first anniversary of the withdrawal of United States  US troops  and Nato from Afghanistan after a devastating 20 year war & the capital has-been decorated with colorful lights.

According to the French news agency AFP the Taliban have come to power but they have not been officially recognized by any other country.

Taliban critics say Taliban have once again reimposed strict Islamic law & pushed women out of public life.

But despite the sanctions and the massive humanitarian crisis many Afghans say they are glad foreign forces have left.

Zalmai a resident of Kabul told AFP  We are happy that Allah has saved our country from infidels & that the Islamic Emirate has-been established.

The withdrawal of troops at midnight on August 31 last year ended America longest war - a military intervention that began in the wake of September 11, 2001 attacks in New York.

Taliban Government Military Parade Video :

About 66,000 Afghan soldiers & 48,000 civilians were killed in this armed conflict.

But United State US forces had a total of 2,461 casualties which was beyond the tolerance of the American people. More than three and a half thousand soldiers of other NATO countries were also killed.

However united state US military said yesterday: The burden of the war in Afghanistan had gone beyond the Americans.

Taliban Government seized power two weeks before the end of the withdrawal last year.

Banners were also displayed in Kabul on Wednesday celebrating the victories against the three kingdoms. These 3 empires include the former Soviet Union Great Britain & the United States.

Hundreds of white Taliban flags were flying on street lights & government buildings.

On Tuesday evening, the sky in Kabul was lit up by fireworks & aerial fire by Taliban fighters.

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In Masood Square near the former US embassy ​​armed fighters raised Taliban flags & chanted Death to America Some people went around the city honking their horns.