Switching from Edge to Google Chrome in Windows 10 just got easier

This change is being made in  new update of Windows 10 

Microsoft Edge is the default browser on computers running Windows operating system which is not easy to switch to another.

Yes it is really not easy to switch default web browser from Microsoft Edge to Google Chrome.

But now in  new update of Windows 10 switching the default web browser will be made much easier.

Switching from Edge to Google Chrome in Windows 10 just got easier

According to a new report Edge is currently installed as the default browser in Windows 10 & Microsoft has made it very difficult to switch to another browser prompting multiple pop up messages asking for a revision. & several options require clicking.

But soon everything will change.

New 2H22 update of Windows 10 will:be available to users in  next few months.

In the beta version of this update if Google Chrome is opened  it is not the default browser a banner will ask if you want to make it the default browser.

Clicking on Set as default there will make Chrome the default browser.

But it will have to wait for a few days.

And this is certainly good news for users who are currently facing difficulties in changing their default browser.

How to use offline feature of Gmail ?

If you are working from home & are worried about opening emails when the internet is down you do not have to worry anymore as Gmail has introduced an offline feature.

According to a foreign media report in  offline feature of Gmail you can send an email to some one without internet but that email will not go immediately but will be saved in your Outbox & as soon as your If the Internet is restored  email will be sent automatically.

This offline feature is expected to help people living in areas with poor internet service.

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Users will have to visit mail.google.com to use this feature. For added convenience Gmail recommends users bookmark a Google link to get started.

Note that Gmail Offline will only work on Google Chrome and if you are browsing in normal mode it will work in incognito mode.

Steps to turn on Gmail Offline Mode:

GOogle Gmial Box 

Go to mail.google.com.

Click  Settings or Cogwheel button in the inbox.

Then click on see all settings.

Select the Offline tab.

However if your Gmail is linked to 1 of your office accounts admin will need to change the Settings.

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