Soft skills: The things on the CV are no longer enough these skills are also essential for employment Soft Skill Training helps in interviewing and getting a Job

To do your job effectively you need hard skills  specialized skills and knowledge you need to carry out your responsibilities.

Soft Skills :But working methods are changing around the world & soft skills may become as important as hard skills.

Soft skills: The things on the CV are no longer

These skills are often less obvious for example personal qualities & attitudes that make a person a good leader or team members.

CV :Especially in a time when working from home is becoming the norm where many people working together & doing it in new ways has taken a completely different form companies have more diverse and successful teams. are beginning to understand the importance of such features to make

As a result companies now scrutinize job candidates soft skills as much as their obvious technical skills & experience experts say.

Some people have such traits naturally. For example some people are always better at communicating or analyzing something well.

But for some people developing & mastering soft skills is no less than a challenge.

But even so these soft skills are not only possible to develop but you can master them enough to demonstrate them. & experts believe that we should all do it.

What are soft skills?

There is no clear list of them but they usually include those qualities &abilities that are not technical for example confidence in using a software is called a hard skill but by evaluating different software it is Figuring out which 01 a company should use requires analytical thinking which is a soft skill.

Similarly art of speaking is also an important soft skill. Communicating effectively with office colleagues clients & management requires nuance & emotional intelligence. Similarly understanding difficulties of others teamwork & kindness all come under soft skills.

Eric Fraser assistant professor of psychology at Yale University School of Medicine & author of the book The Psychology of Top Talent says that soft skills is not just a generic term.

He says From a behavioral science point of view it is a series of mindsets & attitudes. An example of some soft skill mindsets might be someone who is a constant learner or someone who is highly flexible & resilient. Many behaviors such as critical thinking active listening & problem solving skills are also soft skills.

Many soft skills can be-seen in practice such as working effectively prioritizing important tasks, being organized and using time effectively these are all qualities that are essential in the age of working from home.

High performers have the discipline to organize their day & work efficiently within a given time frame says Fraser.

And some soft skills are not just useful in the workplace they are invaluable. The same skills that can lead to success within a company can also help build successful relationships.

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A clear change

In an era when highly technical tasks are no longer being done by hand due to automation or technology tools companies are looking for employees who can solve problems take on broader responsibilities & get along better with others. Be able to work in style.

Apart from this due to the shortage of qualified people companies also prefer employees who can relate well with others & have emotional intelligence to advance to leadership positions.

Also, in the age of working from home, soft skills have become even more important.

For example communicating better has become even more important but complicated because most people are not face to face with their partner. Similarly adapting 1self to the new situation is also a soft skill & in the last 02 years we have+had a great need for it.

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As a result companies prefer candidates who possess these skills.

In 2021 the non governmental organization America Successes analyzed 80 million jobs in 22 industry sectors and found that soft skills were also listed as desirable skills in nearly 2thirds of those jobs & were among the 10 most in demand across all advertisements. Seven of the competencies were soft including presentation skills problem solving & planning skills.

Same report found that soft skills were highly preferred for some types of jobs. For example 91 percent of management jobs 86 percent of business operations jobs &  81 percent of engineering jobs required soft skills. This may come as a surprise especially for engineering because it is considered a highly technical field.

When we look at today work force the focus is shifting away from skills & knowledge meaning if you are an engineer you are good at coding or designing or if you work in finance says Eric Fraser. How well can you analyze data? Instead companies now focus on putting people 1st before performance.

But that does not mean technical skills are no longer important he says but that companies are now considering that interpersonal skills your ability to get along with others also drive companies great results.

Can it be learned?

In its  Future of Work 2021 report employment website ranked soft skills such as team work dependability &  flexibility as the skills that companies look for most in their employees but despite They say they have-been unable to find candidates with good soft skills for a long time & have had them for years.

Part of the reason, Fraser says, is that soft skills like imagination and flexibility are hard to measure. He says these are things you can not accurately measure with a questionnaire & candidates aren't necessarily writing these skills on their CVs or LinkedIn profiles even though they think they should.

This increased reliance on soft skills can be disconcerting to some individuals particularly those who are not naturally gifted at communicating or in Fraser words born leaders. But they say that these things can be learned even if some people have to work harder than others.

People who want to improve in their workplaces or become better workers or want more balance in their personal and professional lives should value these mindsets & attitudes & continually improve them he says. understand the importance.

We all know our strengths but improving interpersonal skills starts with getting feedback from others so that you know your weaknesses. You may have to put in some effort to improve them. For example if you want to improve your imagination or problem solving skills brainstorming with people from the company creative department can help.

Likewise, you can improve your emotional intelligence by developing social awareness, learning to control your emotions & reacting to the emotions of others with compassion. Not only will it increase your chances of getting hired &  promoted but research shows that people with higher emotional intelligence are less likely to develop stress and anxiety.

Soft Skills Training

Soft Skills Training

Skilled people who are earning thousands of dollars from internships

New times new interviews

Now that companies are increasingly looking for such people they are changing their interview questions to test these soft skills.

For example when you ask someone Tell me the last time you didn't give up despite adversity in your professional life or Tell me an incident that made you do incredible things says Fraser. If the show mentality' is prominent then you are actually asking people to demonstrate their mentality.

And if speaking on the other side of the table for example if you are asked what is your strategy for continuous learning this is an opportunity to tell the interviewer that How willing and enthusiastic you are to keep learning & have the necessary skills.

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Best answer would be to say Look I went to this conference last year I attend this webinar once a month or I just finished this book I've done so & so says Fraser. Subscribed to industry magazines.

According to Fraser to best prepare for such a situation candidates should 1st identify their strongest soft skills &  be prepared to demonstrate them.

The technical skills & experience on your CV will always be important but in a changing world it is not enough you need to convince the interviewer that you also have the soft skills to help you succeed.