Shehbaz Gill Cried Video while being taken to court room

Shehbaz Gill Cried  Video while being taken to court room

 Islamabad PNI The decision on the further remand of Imran Khan Chief of Staff Shehbaz Gill has been reserved. Shehbaz Gill cried while being taken to the courtroom, saying that my mask has-been taken away, it is God's will to give the mask. Shehbaz Gill in the courtroom said Give me my mask, it is for God. The court asked Shahbaz Gill that you want to stay in the court. In response, he said that give me a mask and I will stop after which an oxygen cylinder was also delivered to the court for Shehbaz Gill.

Shehbaz Gill Cried  Video while being taken to court room

The court inquired during the hearing that the 1st question is whether the 2 days physical remand took place or not. Could the police investigate in 2 days or not? Is the police asking for a new remand or an extension of the previous one? The court said that technically the 1st 2 days physical remand has not started yet. It is a genuine case it seems from the medical report that he was tortured I asked the doctor yesterday and he told me.  Mr Faisal Chaudhry Advocate said that doctors say that when someone complains of pain they would guess by looking at the fingers. are

According to the remand form given by the police  police believe that the remand has been completed. Mr Faisal Chaudhry further said that Shahbaz Gill is presented in front of you with an oxygen cylinder in a wheelchair. When Shahbaz Gill was brought to the court he was taken out of the ambulance & placed on a wheelchair & presented in the court room. At that time his mask was off he was coughing and crying saying Take my mask. Lawyer  Mr Faisal Chaudhry pleaded that the accused should be sent to jail & let us sleep too. The judge asked lawyer until what time you will appear.

The judge directed the deputy court to inform the police that the accused would be produced at 9:00 a.m. After that initially the hearing related to physical remand was adjourned till 9:00 a.m. took Shahbaz Gill from the back door of the hospital. Shehbaz Gill had an oxygen mask on his mouth while being taken to the court. It is important that the medical board of PIMS Hospital declared PTI leader Shahbaz Gill fit healthy and fit. It has been declared fully fit.

Medical board issued the medical report after 10 tests and 6 X-rays of Shahbaz Gill. In the report Shahbaz Gill was declared completely fit and said that no evidence of any kind of violence was found on him even his corona test. According to the report of the medical board Shahbaz Gill can be discharged from the hospital at any time.

Islamabad Capital Police has called Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf PTI Chairman Imran Khan chief of staff Shehbaz Gil illness as an excuse.

In a statement on the social media website Twitter Islamabad Police said that the Medical Board has declared Shehbaz Gil medically healthy, the accused is pretending to be ill under false pretenses all matters are complete as per the law. are doing

The matter of physical remand of accused Shahbaz Shabbir

Medical board declared the accused Shahbaz Shabbir medically healthy. Accused Shehbaz Shabbir is pretending to be ill under false pretenses. Islamabad Capital Police is completing all matters as per law. 1/2

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Islamabad Police

Islamabad Police said that the accused Shehbaz Gil wants to obstruct the investigation by pretending to be ill.

Shehbaz Gill Crying Video :

Accused Shehbaz Shabbir wants to obstruct the investigation by pretending to be ill. The way of law cannot be blocked by false pretenses.


Islamabad Police (@ICT_Police)

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