Rains Flooding in Balochistan : Three dams broke 22 people were washed away in Qila Abdullah

Heavy Rain In Balochistan Qila Abdullah district bordering Afghanistan 22 people were swept away in heavy Rains flood out of which the bodies of 02 have-been recovered so far while the search for the rest is ongoing.

Deputy Commissioner Qila Abdullah Mr Munir Ahmed Kakar says that on Friday not only heavy rain fell in the area but due to the rain 02 or three dams already filled with water broke due to which the situation has worsened.

Rains Flooding in Balochistan : Three dams broke Qila Abdullah

Officials of PDMA an agency for dealing with natural disasters say that more than 200 people were trapped in Qila Abdullah due to flood rails out of which around 70 people including 25 children have been rescued.

According to officials 15 of the people who were swept away in the flood relay were riding on a tractor trolley that was swept away in the water while trying to save their lives.

In which area of ​​Qila Abdullah was the tractor stuck ?

Deputy Commissioner Qila Abdullah Munir Ahmed Kakar said on phone that the tractor was stuck in Paizai Saidan area.

He said that according to the eyewitnesses who were there there were 15 people riding on the tractor trolley which got swept away due to the overturning of the trolley in the water.

The Deputy Commissioner said that ⁰⁵ of these people who were swept away have-been rescued while the search for the rest is going on.

A video of tractor trolley drowning in water has also surfaced.

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What is in the tractor sinking video?

In the video tractor is stuck in the flowing flash flood relay and its trolley was carrying people.