Noah Dastgir Butt gave Pakistan first Gold Medal in Commonwealth Games

 Noah Dastgir Butt gave Pakistan its first 1st gold medal in the Commonwealth Games

This is the 2nd Second time in history of the Commonwealth Games that a Pakistani weightlifter has-won a gold medal.

Pakistan 24 year old weightlifter Muhammad Noah Dastgir Butt has won the country  1st first gold medal in the ongoing Commonwealth Games in Birmingham United Kingdom UK.

Noah Dastgir Butt not only won the gold medal but also set a new Commonwealth Games record by lifting a total of 405kg against weightlifters above 109kg.

In this competition New Zealand weightlifter Mr David Letty won the 2nd position while India Mr  Gardeep Singh won  3rd position.

On the success of Noah Dastgir Butt Prime Minister Mian Shehbaz Sharif congratulated him on Twitter and wrote Well Done But Sahib.

Noah Dastgir Butt gave Pakistan first Gold Medal in Commonwealth Games

Commonwealth Games 2022 : I'll be happiest father on this gold medal Muhammad Noah

There is an incident 4 years ago when Pakistani weightlifter Mr Noah Dastgir Butt was not able to win the gold medal despite all the preparations in weightlifting competitions of the Commonwealth Games held in Gold Coast Australia & he had to settle for the bronze medal. His father was so disappointed that he didn't talk to Noah.

Mr Noah Dastgir Butt is now very happy that after his gold medal win in Birmingham the situation will-not be same as it was ⁴ years ago & his father will-be the happiest of his gold medal win.

24year old weightlifter Mr Noah Dastgir Butt has created a new chapter in ongoing Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

Noah Dastgir Butt lifted a total of 405 kg in 109 weight category .

Noah lifted 173 kg in snatch and 232 kg in clean & jerk which is a new Commonwealth Games record in 109 weight category.

Speaking to British news from Birmingham after his win Noah Dastgir said that 1 came close to a gold medal 4 years ago but unfortunately I did not make it in the last trial which I was very sad about &  I M sorry for that. The bar wanted to make up for it. I know that my father is the happiest.

Mr Noah Dastgir belongs to a famous weightlifting family. His father has-had a profound influence on his career.

Noah Dastgir says My father Ghulam Dastgir Butt won medals in Asian competitions. He has won also 4 gold medals in South Asian Games. He has-been a 19 time national champion. I train under their supervision.

Mr Noah Dastgir younger brother Mr Hanzla Dastgir Butt is also following in his footsteps & has represented Pakistan at Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

Before the Commonwealth Games Pakistan weightlifting suffered a major setback when several weightlifters including Olympic weightlifter Mr Talha Talib were banned for doping. No effect.

Mr Noah Dastgir Butt says I didn't pay any attention to this matter because it was a matter between these weightlifters & the federation. I was very focused on my training and I am glad that my hard work was not in vain.

Awaiting official approval

Noah Dastgir is also 1 of the players who complain that what he has-done for the country has-not received the recognition he deserves from the powers that be

Noah Dastgir Butt says  also Look at my career look at my achievements but it is  sad to say that weightlifting has not-been given  place it should have. You can imagine that the equipment with which I train in Gujranwala is also bought by my father from abroad with his own-money.

Noah Dastgir Butt gave Pakistan first Gold Medal in Commonwealth Games

Noah Dastgir Butt records

Mr Noah Dastgir won a bronze medal at 2018 Commonwealth Games before going on to also  win a gold medal at 2022 Commonwealth Games. 

Noah Dastgir won silver medals at the 2017 & 2021 Commonwealth Weightlifting Championships. He has also won bronze medals at the Commonwealth Junior Weightlifting Championships twice.

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Pakistani  People social media users are also celebrating this wonderful success of Noah Dastgir. His name is currently trending on Twitter.

Naseem Rajput wrote that after a long time it was fun to hear Pakistani national anthem from Olympic sports ground. Thanks Noah Dastgir Butt.

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