No Raid No True There is no truth in the news of the raid on Sheikh Rasheed house: Islamabad Police

Islamabad Police spokesman says that there is no truth in the news of raid on Sheikh Rasheed house.

The statement added that a propaganda campaign is being conducted regarding the arrests of political leaders.

No Raid Not True On Shaeikh Rasheed House Islamabad Police

News issued by the spokesperson of Islamabad Capital Police will-be confirmed. Citizens are requested not to listen to rumours.

My Islamabad residence was raided: Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed 

Former Interior Minister Sheikh  Rasheed claims that his residence in Islamabad has-been raided. However he didn't give further details in this regard.

Talking to Pakistani News Channel he said that the main reason is that the government is not running with Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif. Set on August 30. This puppet government will last for this month. There will-be an accident and something else will happen in this country.

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PTI Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Shehbaz Gil arrested.

He  also said that I do not know what Shahbaz Gil has said. If they come to my house without a warrant I have to protect my life. Today day was chosen for the arrest by a fool & a political madman.