New Mexico Accused of killing four Muslims arrested

 New Mexico: Accused of killing Aftab Hussain 41 and Mohammad Afzal Hussain two Pakistanis arrested

New Mexico Police have arrested a man from Afghanistan for murder of 02 of the four Muslims killed in the city.

Alleged killers of four Muslims including Pakistanis arrested in America

Accused Muhammad Saeed went to US New Mexico America from Afghanistan many years ago

US Police in Elbuquerque New Mexico said they had arrested the primary suspect in  murder of  04 four Muslims in New Mexico United States America

On Monday 51 year old Mohammad Saeed was detained and accused of murdering two people. US Police say that a firearm has also been recovered from house of  accused.

UE New Mexico Police say they are working with investigators to determine a Afghan man connection to  other 02 deaths.

It should be noted that these deaths occurred during the last 9 months while last 3 deaths occurred in the last 2 weeks.

Police Chief Harold Medina announced progress on Tuesday saying they located a vehicle believed to have-been used in the attacks & took the driver into custody.

Investigators say personal disputes may have-been motive for murder. Police said the suspect came to US America from Afghanistan several years ago.

03 of the victims were Muslims of Pakistani origin & they prayed in same mosque. They were ambushed & shot dead while a fourth man Mohammad Ahmadi who was of Afghan origin was killed last November  officers said.

US Police Criminal Investigation Division Deputy Commander Kyle Hartsock said the suspect was arrested after his car was stopped & a police team searched his home.

He  also said that only 02 days after the police distributed the picture of the suspect car to the public he was arrested on the tip of a citizen.

Muhammad Afzal Hussain was also ambushed &  killed

In a news release US  police said that during a search of Muhammad Saeed home investigators found evidence indicating that the perpetrator was somewhat familiar with the victims and that their mutual dispute may have led to the incident. Be the cause of.

But at Tuesday press conference law enforcement officials did not comment on reports that the suspect was a Sunni Muslim who targeted victims because he was angry over his daughter marriage to a Shia Muslim. .

Kyle Hartsock said It not clear if this was the original motive of the murder or if it was part of a motive or if it was part of some other larger plan that we have not gotten to yet.

Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller said in a statement that he hopes the quick action has brought a sense of security to many people who have-been fearful of recent shootings.

On Monday US United States President Joe Biden said he was "outraged and saddened by the horrific killings. He added that these hateful attacks have no place in America.

Police have not said the attacks were hate crimes.

Efforts to find the suspect were stepped up in recent days after New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham said she was sending additional law enforcement officers to Elbuquerque to help investigators.

Several organizations offered substantial rewards for information leading to the arrest of the suspect.

Ahmad Esaid a spokesman for the Islamic Center of New Mexico told the British News that the killings were terrifying for the city Muslim community.

New Mexico Accused of killing four Muslims arrested
New Mexico Accused of killing four Muslims arrested 

New Mexico: Citizens participate in an August 9 memorial service at New Mexico Islamic Center following the killing of four Muslims.

Albuquerque police in the American state of New Mexico have arrested a man from Afghanistan for the murder of 02 of the 04 four Muslims killed in city.

According to the Associated Press AP news agency a 51 year old Afghan national has-been identified as the prime suspect.

Accused was taken into custody a day earlier after a chase of more than 100 miles.

According to Police Chief Harold Medna it is not yet clear whether the deaths will-be classified as hate crimes or serial killings.

New Mexico Police said investigators received a tip from the city Muslim community pointing to the suspect who has been living in the US for about 05 years.

New Mexico Police are probing possible motives behind the murder including a communal conflict. US police chief was also asked about any communal element after the arrest but he didn't give a direct answer.

Ahmad Asad president of the Islamic Center of New Mexico cautioned against drawing any conclusions about the suspect motives at this time. He  also said that accused used to come to the center mosque from time to time.

After the arrest was announced Muhammad Imtiaz Hussain the brother of one of the victims Muhammad Afzal Hussain said he was relieved but wanted to know more about the suspect &his motive.

He said that with this we hope that the truth will come before us. We want to know why this happened.

New Mexico: Three Muslim murders including a Pakistani search for possible link

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New Mexico Accused of killing four Muslims arrested

New Mexico Accused of killing four Muslims arrested

It was not immediately clear whether the accused has a lawyer available.

Suspect was formally charged with two murders: Aftab Hussain 41 & Mohammad Afzal Hussain 27who were killed on 26 July and Aug. 1 respectivelyb Elbuquerque police chief said at a conference according to Reuters. But he is considered a suspect in all four murders. Both  victims belonged to Pakistan.

Officials say that bullet casings found at the scene of the killing of Aftab Hussain & Muhammad Afzal Hussain are related to the gun found in the house of accused.

Police said they were about to search the suspect home in Elbuquerque on New Mexico Monday when they saw him get into a car. Police believe the vehicle has-been used in at least one murder.

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Officers followed him to Santa Rosa about 110 miles east of Elbuquerque where they arrested him. Police said that several weapons were recovered from his house & car.

According to the authorities the sons of the accused have-been released after questioning.

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