Neom Fire Safety Lead Port Operations Jobs

Neom The Line Jobs

Sector : Oxagon Catagory

Division: Port Sea Movement Job

Fire Lead role is to ensure smooth delivery and implementation of NEOM The Line & all relevant regulatory fire safety management policies & directives within its coverage area and to ensure effective emergency incident management.

Neom Jobs responsibilities

To ensure that all fire safety activities are prepared planned & monitored.

The Line Job : Ensure maintenance and updating of NEOM Port Fire and Rescue Emergency Response Procedures

Ensure implementation of Neom port Fire &  Rescue Emergency Response Procedures

Organize systematic monitoring, inspection & auditing against:

Neom New port Security Management Security Plan

Ensure that fire safety standards set by High Commission for Industrial Security HCIS NEOM Public Safety NEOM Loss Prevention & Fire Safety and Mavani are followed.

Advise the HSSE Manager on any ineffective aspects of the NEOM Port Fire Safety Controls & Fire Emergency Response Procedures and propose solutions.

Recommend and obtain commitment by the HSSE Manager for NEOM port resources required for fire safety & emergency response.

Day to day management of the NEOM Port Fire Service Contractor to minimize fire hazards in the port environment & ensure effective emergency response in the event of any emergency.

day to day administration of fire safety duties

On behalf of the HSSE Manager ensure a clear uninterrupted flow of communication between The Line NEOM port & :

Fire Service Contractor

The Line NEOM Public Safety

NEOM damage prevention & fire protection

Government agencies

Port Tenant

Other stakeholders

Preparation of reports and other forms of information to keep outside agencies adequately informed

Obtaining and transmitting information from outside agencies

Provide technical assistance to the fire service contractor during any emergency.

Advise HSSE Manager & Fire Service Contractor on decisions and problem resolution. More Details and Apply Go To Home Page 

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