Neom The Line JoBs 44000 Energy Water Food Data Analystic

Jobs In The Line Neom Senior Analyst Data Analytics and Governance

Neom The Line Jobs  Sector: Energy Water and Food

The Line Job Neom Distribution Jobs : Water

Support the implementation of data analytics and data governance services for NEOM Water Utility Company  WUC .

Support verification of the WUC data model and its operational processes.

Neom The Line JoBs 44000 Energy Water  Food Data Analystic

including but not limited to supporting the implementation of information based decision-making processes

KPI maintenance and support

KPI reporting business requirements

Regulatory reporting requirements

Implement support process operations for information management.

Liaise with IT to implement data analytics including reporting & BI and information management platform for WUC.

Implement all data governance processes for data lifecycle management that enhance confidence in data driven decision making including but not limited to.

Design, develop and implement data quality standards and processes.

Design, develop and implement data management procedures.

Design, develop and implement data security (as per NEOM CISO process), data sharing policies and regulatory compliance

Advise Water team clients to assess, design and implement data analytics and governance requirements

Assist other departments and departments with any technical guidance inquiries or needs that involve a direct relationship between data analytics/governance and water.

Support the Data Architecture Manager on all initiatives related to data analytics and governance, including but not limited to;

Support by providing input and feedback to the Data Architecture Manager on the Data Analytics and Governance rollout goals and strategic roadmap and plan.

Support and execute coordination activities on projects and initiatives led by the Data Architect Manager

Provide accurate and timely status of various data analytics and governance activities.

Support Business Lead Data Stewardship on Enterprise Data Steward Role

Mainly responsible for data accuracy, completeness, consistency, timeliness, accuracy and uniqueness.

Ensure proper implementation of data analytics and governance initiatives in a key internal consultant and lead role

Ensures business engagement in IT and CISO governance processes including identification of data stewards and owners Addresses information governance and prioritization issues.

Support NEOM corporate data analytics and governance standards and integration processes of water sector specifications

Ensures business engagement in IT governance processes including identification of data stewards and owners.

Addresses increasing information governance and prioritization issues.


Bachelor's degree or higher in Business or IT or closely related field, with Master's degree in data topics is a plus.

Experience in multiple data governance and/or BI/Analytics implementation processes, ideally in greenfield type projects.

Strong knowledge and experience on data lifecycle management, ideally participated in initiatives with dispersed data including OT/IoT type data.

Strong background in business-facing roles, ideally in roles related to capturing and managing business information needs (reporting, KPI, regulatory, stewardship, etc.).

A strong understanding of an information management platform (cloud, databases, BI reporting, advanced analytics workbenches, etc.), while not mandatory from an IT perspective, is at a minimum business/use case perspective to enable A clear understanding is required. Liaise with IT

Expertise on Data Governance and Data (SFIA Standards)

Information Governance (IRMG) - Critical - Highly Skilled

Data Management (DATM) - critical - highly skilled (minimum focus on business and use cases)

Information Assurance (INAS) - Critical - Highly skilled

Relationship Management (RLMT) – Relevant – Highly skilled

Strategic Planning - Relevant - Skilled

Enterprise and Business Architecture (STPL) – Relevant – Skilled

Information Systems Coordination (ISCO) - Desirable - Qualified

Enterprise IT Governance (GOVN) - Desirable - Qualified

Advanced experience in data analysis tools such as Excel, SQL and BI tools (ie Power BI, SAP SAC) and preferred more advanced data management workbenches such as R or Python

Strong interpersonal social and communication skills.

Excellent written and verbal skills (professional proficiency in English a must and Arabic a bonus).

Strong analytical & problem solving skills.

Courses and certifications in particular data disciplines (BIAnalytics Governance etc.) are highly valued.

Computer skills including Microsoft Office suite and Adobe products

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