Neom The Line City Rules Law And Regulations Will Be Subject To Saudi Arabia Rule

 Neom Mega City The Line Mirror Line Project Will Be Subject To Saudi Rules Sources

Classification of a resident of Neom The Line City will not be different from that of residents of other cities of the kingdom.

Neom The Line City Rules And Law Will Be Subject To Saudi Arabia Rule

Sources of the Saudi Arabia government have told the official news agency SPA that although separate legislation will-be passed for the economic affairs of the mega  The Line city however the rules Law and regulations of Saudi Arabia will-be applied here. will apply.

This explanation came after NEOM head of tourism Andrew McAvoy told local press at the Arabian Travel Market in Dubai in which he was attributed that alcohol sales at NEOM The case is not out of the question.

In the past authorities had hinted that the sale of liquor would be allowed in the strategically planned city. In October last year an unnamed senior official had said that the sensitive issue was being considered.

According to the SPA the classification of residents of Neum will-not be different from citizens living in other parts of the kingdom.

Sources said that the Neom project will operate within the Special Economic Zones which will-be subject to the regulations laid down by Saudi Arabia related to sovereignty security defense and regulatory aspects. 


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Specific economic legislation will be put in place for the development of the project to align Neom with the best concepts of economic regions and present it as a globally developed economic and tourist destination.

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