NEOM Food mirror Line Agriculture Work is in progress to promote vertical farming in Neom City

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Work is in progress to promote vertical farming in Neom City for Food

Neom  Food Agriculture and Vertical Farming

 American newspaper The Wall Street Journal has published a report based on some more details regarding Saudi Arabia newest city under construction. According to the report the Global world's largest infrastructure is being built in this mega city. It will also include vertical farming. This unique type of farming will aim to contribute to food supply of the local people. It should be noted that  Saudi Crown Prince has announced the cost of 1 trillion on New City. The Crown Prince announced this in January 2021. This state of the art mega city will have two skyscrapers that will-be transparent and decorated with sparkling mirrors. They are named mirror letters. These 02 skyscrapers will have a vertical style monolithic farming.

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In which vegetables will-be cultivated for the local population. Residents of these buildings will be able to get the facility of breakfast lunch & dinner on payment basis. A common kitchen & community canteen will be built for this purpose. A marina yacht & a sports stadium will be built below the arched level of mirror line style high rise buildings both of which will be 1,000 feet above the ground. Sources said in June that the height of the two tallest buildings will be 500 meters.

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 Environmental pollution will be zero in this city. As if there will be a city completely free of pollution. Some sources have told Bloomberg that a unique challenge to complete this grand project by 2030 exists in the form of the curvature of the Earth. Architects are considering various proposals to tackle this challenge.