Neom City  Transport Operate Air Taxis Service Contract with German company 

 Neom latest drone style air taxis  Service will also be seen in the skies of Saudi Arabia newest city Neom.

According to Saudi Arabia News Report an agreement has-been signed with the German company Volocopter. According to the agreement Neum will see the world 1st transportation development within city thanks to the Volocopter.

It is a great honor for Volocopter Company to become a reliable partner in NEOM Transport.

Neom City  Transport Operate Air Taxis Service Contract with German company

Germany Company Volocopter  said on its website that Neom Project has ordered 15 Volocopter dronestyle aircraft Texis to begin such advanced flights in next 02 to 03 years.

10 of these 15 Volocopter taxis will be for passengers while 05 Volocopters will cater to the transportation needs within Project city of Neem.

Neom City has signed an agreement with Volocopter to form a joint venture that will initially be the sole operator of public transit routes in the modern city Project.

This new advanced technology mobility services with vertical take off & landing is called e Vitol.

In these services technique will be used for transportation of goods with passengers emergencies & tourism.

In the next 03 to 02 years such advanced flights will-be able to be launched.

Transportation is central to designing the infrastructure of modern cities for the 21st century said Nazmi Al Nasr chief executive officer of Neom.

Nazmi Al Nasr added that through this joint venture with Neom we want to tell the world that Neom City is an ideal city for rapid implementation of urban air transport & mobility.

Speaking on the occasion Volocopter Company Chief Commercial Officer Christian Bauer described agreement as an exciting journey saying it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be an integral part of designing & operating urban air mobility in a completely new way. Is.


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It is a great honor for Volocopter to become a trusted partner in achieving highest vision of the Neom City  project.