Meta Facebook Is Adding Code To Websites To Track Users Research

California US : Meta Facebook the owner of Facebook & Instagram is copying  websites its Meta users visit so that when those users click links in those apps Application  company can track those users All data according to a new study by a Ex Google engineer. Can be monitored on the Internet.

Meta Facebook Is Adding Code To Websites To Track Users Research

Privacy researcher Felix Cross Said that Instagram app adds its own tracking code to every website visited including ads. After which the app tracks all Meta user movements such as every link or Button that is clicked text that is selected also every screenshot that is taken. It also includes any input information such as passwords addresses & credit card numbers.

These 2 apps are taking advantage of the fact that when their users click on a link in  app application the link opens in the application browser instead of Firefox or Safari.

Meta  Facebook said in a statement that insertion of tracking code is subject to users preferences as to whether or not they allow the app to track them. This code was intended to be used to collect user all data about advertisements.

A Compny spokesperson said that we created this code on purpose to respect preferences of users on our platforms.

Why Meta company that owns Facebook & Instagram tracks users web browsing.

This was revealed in a new study by a former Google Engineer executive.

Research revealed that the company tracks users when they click on links to any  websites in Meta  Facebook & Instagram apps.

Both these apps open web pages in app browser  for this purpose.

Research revealed that  Instagram app adds its tracking code to every site the user visits enabling it to track all of user activities.

Meta Facebook has also confirmed the use of tracking code but the company says it is only used for data collection & targeted advertising.

We developed this code ourselves to respect user choices on our platforms this code helps us collect all data before showing targeted ads a company spokesperson said.

When people make purchases in the in app browser we get their permission to store payment information &  only after their permission those details are stored the spokesperson added.

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Research revealed that WhatsApp does not add any such code to the in app browser.