Years later Meta Facebook offered a solution to a major consumer problem

This is the first time this has been done by Meta

Meta has decided to simplify the process of providing Customer support  Services for Facebook or Instagram users whose accounts or posts are deleted.

Support Service: According to a report Meta Vice President Brent Harris said that a lot of work is being done on customer service support by company.
In fact 18 years after the founding of Facebook Meta has decided to create a customer service division.

Meta Customer Support Service Contact for Facebook and Instagram

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It is not yet clear what the customer service division will do.

In 2021 Meta company began testing a live chat support program & some users could talk to an official from Meta Facebook if needed.

At the time company said that this is the 1st time that Facebook is providing real time support to users on locked accounts.

Facebook has not yet released a statement regarding the customer service division.

According to the report Meta efforts to improve customer support are a result of feedback from its oversight board.

Facebook independent body was set up to monitor & change Meta decisions and has so far received requests from nearly one million people.