Labor shortages: Australian airline hires top company executives for handling passenger baggage

Australian AirLines: During the Corona epidemic most of the employees were laid off but now due to changing situation & the restoration of operations there is a shortage of baggage handlers.

Australian airline Kants has asked its senior executives to work as  Passengers baggage handlers for the next three months as the airline labor requirements for the job are tight. There is a shortage of Airport labourers.

Airline Company is looking for at least 100 volunteers to work at Sydney Airport Australia & Melbourne airports.

Labor shortage: Australian airline puts company officials on search of passengers Buggage

They need Labour people to load and unload passengers luggage & also drive vehicles to transport the luggage to different parts of the airport Melbourne and Sydney.

Most of the world global airlines are trying to resume their operations after the lifting of restrictions imposed during the Covid-19 pandemic & the opening of borders.

In an email shared by the company with the British News Colin Hughes Cantus chief operating officer said: The high number of flu outbreaks over the winter &  increased spread of the coronavirus where a severe impact on labor market. It has also made the availability of resources a challenge for the travel industry.

It's not expected that people will want to give up their full time jobs Work to do this added Colin Hughes.

Managers & executives are asked by the airline to work 03 or 05 days a week in each shift of loading passengers luggage.

Message written to airline employees further states that employees may have to carry suitcases weighing up to 32 kg from 01 place to another.

We have made it clear that our operational performance is not meeting our customers expectations or the standards we expect of ourselves a Kantus spokesman told the British news & that we are removing all such obstacles to improve our performance.

Labor shortage: Australian airline puts company officials on search of passengers Buggage

According to him As we have done during busy periods in the past around 200 head office staff have-provided support at airports after Easter when there were many people traveling by air.

Qantas was among the airlines that were hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic as many countries closed their air borders & grounded planes.

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UK British Airways Heathrow Airport largest passenger airline has already canceled thousands of flights this summer due to staff shortages.

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Airlines laid off thousands of employees during the pandemic many of whom worked at airports.

As coronavirus related restrictions are eased around the world Kantus & other major airlines are scrambling to resume services on a larger scale than before the pandemic.