Honeymoon Hotel Swat Kalam Flooding video Kalam Destruction continues due to flooding in the Swat River  the biggest hotel in Kalam Honeymoon Hotel on the banks of river has also been swept away by the flood See Video In Bottom.

Honeymoon Hotel the Kalam Swat gets swept away by flood people are scared to see the collapsing hotel

Swat Video: Kalam  swat Honeymoon Hotel in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa KPK  was swept away by flood people were scared to see falling hotel.

According to  details flood disasters are continuing in Swat Kalam Bazaar & Honeymoon hotels were washed away in flood relay shops & more than 150 houses were also swept away by the river.

Honeymoon Hotel Swat Kalam Flooding Video Swept Away

The biggest & most expensive hotel in Kalam also collapsed due to the flood people were shocked to see the falling hotel.

So far 10 people have died in Swat Bahrain market has also been submerged in flood and several communication bridges have also been washed away.

The flood swept away many hotels including the Honeymoon Hotel Kalam the scenes of the hotel collapsing have gone viral on social media Four mosques have also been martyred along with several bridges in Kalam Bahrain.

Flood level is increasing continuously flood water has also entered the houses in Mingora Bypass due to which people have started migrating.

KPK Police officers are facing difficulties due to water entering Swat police line as well people are waiting for help from the government.

Several vehicles have also-been swept away in the floodplains. Still the rains continue in various parts of Swat which may further increase  water flow.

An alert has been issued for residents & tourists of Bahrain & Kalam

There is a flood situation in Swat due to heavy rains NHA spokesperson said tourists and locals should avoid unnecessary travel.

NHA has said that the situation on N95 & N90 from Bahrain to Kalam section is critical with flooding affecting the approach road along with the Bahrain Bridge. 

social media page Pakistan Tourism has released a video in which it can be seen that a huge and beautiful hotel was swept away by the flood which was reportedly evacuated due to the danger. So there was no loss of life.

It should be noted that a video was also released earlier in which the Swat river washes away the building & the bridge along the way in which the citizens move away from the river while raising the voices of Astaghfirullah & Allahu Akbar.

It should be noted that the floods caused havoc in many areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa including Dera Ismail Khan & Swat after which emergency was imposed in the province.

video  :

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After continuous rains for three days, the flood lanes engulfed different areas. In Tehsil Daraban  Parwa Kalachi Dara Zinda hundreds of houses were flooded and communication roads were destroyed. Due to flood 60% of Dera Ismail Khan area was submerged in water as a result of which the life system was badly affected.

After the devastating floods in Swat in 2010 people have-resumed residential & commercial construction along banks of the Swat River.

Due to the lack of awareness of architecture & related laws businessmen & common people have started to build houses & business centers in flood affected areas.

Zarmutullah Khan Shinwari has built a new hotel named New Honeymoon Hotel on  banks of the river in Kalam. Earlier his hundred room hotel was destroyed in flood of 2010 due to which he had to bear a loss of 20 crore rupees.

When the British news asked him whether the government stopped him from building on  river bank or gave any kind of notice for construction he Also said that the government neither stopped him from building the hotel on the river bank. Nor have they been taught any methods of dealing with natural calamities.

He further said that honeymoon hotels located on the banks of the river do more business & that why they have again built a new  Honeymoon hotel on the banks of the river despite the risk of flooding.

Kamran Rehman deputy coordinator officer of Swat district, told the British news that People are settling on private lands on  banks of the river. We have requested the provincial government to demarcate the boundaries of  Swat river or impose a ban on construction encroachments under the legislation.

On the other hand Mr Jaffar Shah the elected member of the provincial assembly from Kalam says that the limits of the river are known & there are relevant laws under which any kind of construction on the banks of the river can be stopped.

He  Also said that there is a regular law for this & the tehsil municipal administration also has guidelines according to which they should inform  people about how far they can build from the river. According to the law there can be no population within 2 hundred feet of the river bank.

He emphasized that it is the responsibility of the tehsil municipal administration & it should implement these laws.

Mr Shaukat Ali Sharar an architect from Mingora said that there are many laws but the main problem is their implementation. He says that River Protection Act Swat is applicable here under which it is illegal to construct any building within 2 hundred feet of the river bank but this law is still not being implemented.

Giving details he said that apart from this under Local Government Ordinance Tehsil Municipal Administration has the responsibility to monitor land use planning and all construction works in accordance with the law. He said that according to the laws of prevention of natural disasters, it is illegal to construct any kind of building in areas where  risk of natural disasters is high.

Mr Shaukat Ali added regarding land ownership & land use and the role of government institutions that Both our government & our people do not differentiate between land ownership and land use owning land and owning it are different. thing is ownership is the owner right but how the land is used there should be enforcement enforcement & intervention of the government. Unfortunately this is not happening because the government institutions do not have the capacity & the people do not want it & thus we are again creating reasons for destruction.

Due to the flood in 2010 population along the banks of Swat River was severely damaged. According to the experts reconstruction on the banks of the river can be more dangerous in case of natural disasters but looking at the current situation it is estimated that the relevant institutions of the district & provincial government are still reluctant to stop the constructions on the banks of the Swat River.