It possible to host group YouTube sessions in the new Google Meet app

Google Meet redesigned app adds some useful features Meet & Duo are being merged by Google & some useful upgrades have-been made in this regard.

The company has introduced a new live sharing feature that allows users to share YouTube - Spotify streams in a chat in redesigned Meet app.

Google Meet App Possible to Host group YouTube sessions

Similarly option of playing different games is also being given.

Other new features of Meet include virtual backgrounds &  in meeting chats.

Note that Google announced in June 2022 that its video calling app Doo will be part of the video conferencing service Meet.

Google is making all the Meet features a part of the Do app which will later be transformed into the new Google Meet app.

In July Google began preparations to add Mate features to Doo.

On August 3 an update to the Duo app for Android and iOS devices was released featuring a new Meet logo.

Along with this users are being informed through a new notification about what is changing in the app.

Google Do also introduced the Meet Conference feature which will require a Google account to use.

If you use the Google Meet app  the app will be retired in the near future and users will be notified to transition to the new app experience according to Google.

It may take a few more months to integrate the 02 apps.

Google is asking Apple to adopt which feature of Android? 

Google is trying to replace SMS with RCS 

Google has-been trying to replace SMS & MMS with the new messaging protocol RCS for many years.

But Apple is refusing to adopt this new messaging service & that's why Google has started a new campaign.

Google has created a website called Get the Message urging Apple to support the RCS standard for cross platform messaging in iPhones.

Website claims to improve the messaging process between iPhones & Android devices while the Get Message hashtag is also being used for this purpose.

Now if a message is sent to an Android user it appears in a green bubble in the iPhone Messages app while between the 2 iPhones, the app uses Apple iMessage service for messages with all advanced features. are

However messages coming from Android are displayed in the old SMS standard on the iPhone & it is not possible to use the new features.

Considering this issue Google has-been pushing Apple for months to support RCS which contains most of the features of iMessage.

Google says it expects every mobile operating system to be upgraded with RCS.

Keep in mind that Google has-been trying to introduce RCS for many years but this process has-been slow.

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Google Chrome version 104.0.5112.79 fixes 27 different security issues 

However Google took over the management of RCS in 2019 & since then it has-been available in most parts of world to be used through the Google Messages app.

It is an end to end encrypted service for one on one chats & will be rolled out for group chats in late 2022.