Google Doodle Contest  HOW TO PARTICIPATE IN Criteria Making

Have you ever been to  Google home page and found an artistic style that said Google ? Yes. That design is known as doodle  For google. & the Doodle for Google contest is back again for the 2022 - 23 edition.

Google Doodle Contest  HOW TO PARTICIPATE IN Criteria Making

What is a doodle?

A doodle is a small drawing that is either random or abstract. It can be a deliberate representation of something.

When you draw on your notes in class you doodle. If you do it mostly because you're not paying attention or because you are thinking about something else.

Scientists have found doodles to be therapeutic in general. As many people all over  world have-claimed that they helped them relieve stress.

Doodling has reached another level in the past few years. Doodling is mostly done on purpose especially if you are  participating in a Doodle for Google contest. These doodles for Google are used to celebrate notable events like holidays &  people.

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Who Designs Doodles for Google ?

Previously a team of engineers working for Google was responsible for these designs but now there is a competition every year to choose best doodle. This means that if you are a 12th grader or younger & you can doodle in any of the 50 states of the United States of America. In addition to the USA you can also enter the contest in Washington DC Puerto Rico Guam and the Virgin Islands.

Doodles for Google Contests are now available in India Canada & Asia.

Milo of Kentucky won. The Google Doodle for 2021 competition competed last year with its own doodle titled Finding Hope. Google is honored to award Milo a $30000 college scholarship & a $50000 technology award for his school.

In 1998 years Google invented the doodle for its annual Google contest. It is an annual competition in different countries in which children create doodles that will-be featured on Google homepage. It mainly for fun.

Google presents these symbols on its local homepage usually for public holidays in country.

In the past events such as the beginning of spring the anniversary of understanding (DNA)or the invention of laser are celebrated.

The 1st Google doodle was in 1998 when Sergey Brin and Lawrence E. Page attended the Burning Man festival. They wanted to show that they were out of the office and unable to help if the system went down. Since then it has become a traditional competition in many countries. The contest also comes with a prize for chosen doodle.

Google doodle on Pakistan Independence 2022 Day won hearts of Pakistanis

Doodle for Google Contest 2022

Apply for Doodle for Google.

Every year Google hosts the doodle 4 google event in different countries. These programs are hosted by Google in every country.

As it is usual many students register for this event. Students can work with any material they want but must fit the theme for year competition. Also all doodles must-be entered using the entry form. Entry forms are available for download online from competition site.

Also parents & teachers can submit the completed enrollment form through mail or submit it online. If the submission is online it should be as a  PNG or JPG.

Doodle 4 Google Standard.

Doodle 4 Google Contest is a contest for kids. And so only Kindergarten and Grade 1-12 kids are eligible for the contest.

This means that applicant must be a private public or home schooled student.

Students who are still minors must obtain written consent from their primary guardians.


Artists create their own doodles using whatever they like. From cranes to soil to found objects.


The artist's statement must describe what he has done & show kindness to you.

Also the artist has to provide the required information & sign the entry form.

Submitting doodles.

There are different ways to submit your design in Doodle for Google Contest 2022. However it depends on how you made the doodle.

Entry form doodles. These are doodles created directly on the entry form. You can upload them directly as .jpg or .png. However you can also send them to the address listed on the site.

Another doodle. If the doodle was not created directly on our entry form, the process is the same. Take a high resolution digital photo or scan of the doodle in good lighting &  attach it to the entry form.

Criteria for decision making

Knowing the judging criteria for any competition is very important. This knowledge gives an edge on what to do & what not to do. What to pay attention to & what to pay less attention to. This helps in understanding the magnitude & nature of the challenge.

Doodle also has its own decision criteria & areas of focus to compete with Google. These criteria are used by  judges to determine which doodle wins.

Doodles are judged by the following parameters.


It is based on the technical skills of the participant. Since this is an art competition technical skills are essential.


The competition is also a huge representation of theme. The use of letters in the Google logo as well as the unique approach to doodles is important.

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Google doodle on Pakistan Independence 2022 Day won hearts of Pakistanis

Theme Communication:

How well the contestants express the theme of the contest. Both the artwork as well as the written statement should be expressive.