Mianwali: There is a possibility of 7 lakh causes of water passing through  Jinnah barrage high alert is on.

Jinnah Barrage : A high alert has-been issued by  administration in view of the threat of flooding.

Mianwali Flood : inflow of water is being recorded at MA Jinnah barrage site with every passing 10 minutes.

Residential houses hotels hospitals and other constructions on the banks of Kabul River in Nowshera district are completely under water while there is only water in streets.

According to rescue sources at present  water inflow at Jinnah barrage is 4 lakh 75000 causes & 7 lakh causes of water is likely to pass through Jinnah barrage between 1 to 2 pm tonight.

Video Jinnah Barrage : Despite repeated prohibitions by administration citizens did not stop going near the dangerous river

A high alert has-been issued by the Mianwali district administration in view of the threat of floods.

Rescue sources say that 47 villages are expected to be affected in view of the possibility of about 7 lakh causes of water passing from the Jinnah Barrage. So the series of announcements has-been started.

Apart from setting up a relief camp on behalf of Mianwali district administration rescue 1122 teams have also reached  mud area with boats.

Floods and rains: I go home & check the box maybe there are some clothes left

Residential houses hotels hospitals & other constructions on  banks of the Kabul River in Nowshera district are completely under water while there is only water in the streets.

He spent the night on the roof with his family & when he saw it in morning the whole house was submerged in water. There was no way out but the family members were evacuated with great difficulty & now a relative has given them a room and they are living there.

This was said by Qazi Inayat of Nowshera Peer Saak area whose house is completely submerged in water & after spending the night with great difficulty he reached a safe place in the morning.

Qazi Inayat told News Agancy that I am going to see the house now because only 1 pair of clothes that I was wearing was gone. I go to see the box maybe there are clothes left so I pick them up & bring them because all our clothes are dirty.

Like Qazi Inayat lakhs of people have-been affected in different areas of Nowshera who have left their homes and moved either to their loved ones or to the relief camps built by the government.

Water level is increasing moment by moment & water level is also rising within the population.

But houses in Nowshera Kalan Peer Pasak & other adjoining areas are completely submerged with five to 6 feet of water.

Nowshera is located on the banks of river while most of the shops markets are closed and business activities are suspended on both sides of the GT Road.

Water has entered GT Road near River View Hotel on GT Road but water level is not yet high enough to affect traffic flow.

Some people in the affected areas told News Agancy that the constructions will be damaged due to the recent floods but we have moved the houses & valuables and other items to safe places.

After realizing  devastation and the sensitivity of the situation in the flood affected areas across Pakistan everyone is thinking of collecting aid on an individual or collective level & sending it to the needy.

But when sending relief supplies to victims it is important to consider what they actually need immediately & what supplies will be needed a few days later.

Government estimates & immediate measures

President of Pakistan Arif Alvi has issued instructions to media to encourage the public to donate essential items identified by the government in a disciplined manner through channels established or approved by the government.

According to a statement issued by them daily use items including ready made food packets fresh food salt other oil including match boxes candle packets kerosene solar lamps polythene sheets flooring Add sleeping bags tarpaulins mosquito nets & blankets to this list.

According to Dawn newspaper report prepared by government to initially identify the immediate needs in the flood affected areas states that at least 72 billion 36 crore rupees are needed to provide immediate relief to the affected people.

According to the preliminary needs assessment report government needs Rs 7.33 crore for providing food & immediate cash assistance Rs. 1 billion six crore 27 rupees is required for

The government also needs 9 billion 24 lakh rupees to compensate the loss of livestock due to the flood caused by rains while according to the preliminary estimate 04 billion 646 million rupees is needed for the purchase of machinery & related equipment for relief activities. There will be a cost.

On the other hand reconstruction of at least 82,000 houses destroyed by floods will cost 41 billion rupees even at the rate of five lakh rupees per house.

Identification of important issues needed in relief operations on social media

Some aid volunteers on social media say that some items are being delivered by citizens that are not needed or are not among the immediate priorities. Such as old clothes or shoes blankets blankets cooked food or unboiled milk.

Syed Tariq a user from Karachi has explained about the aid in 1 of his tweet threads.

He said that the cooked food gets cold while being transported from one area to another. If the delivery of food is delayed by 24 hours or more due to rain &  floods  cooked food spoils which can lead to many diseases & this help creates & natural disaster after another. can

According to  NDM Report 982 people have been confirmed dead in 2 an half months due to rains &  resulting floods during Pakistan unusually long monsoon season.

So far damage caused by floods in the country has-been estimated at 900 billion rupees

According to NDMA so far there has been loss of life or property in 110 districts of the country and where more than 682,000 houses and buildings have been damaged, 800,000 cattle have-been swept away in rural areas.

The province of Sindh has been most affected by the floods with 16 districts & more than 49 lakh people among the victims.

Relief operations underway in Nowshera and Charsadda after  very high flood in Kabul River Swat

34 districts of Balochistan province & more than 360 thousand people are among the victims

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Due to the recent rains & floods in Punjab a total of 8 districts of the province & more than 445,000 people have-been affected.

In 33 districts of KPK  Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 50 thousand people were affected in one way or another by the flood

The Meteorological Department has predicted heavy rain at a few places in upper Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chitral Dir Swat Shangla Kohistan Kashmir & Gilgit Baltistan on August 27.