Sheikh Danish the accused in the case of violence against the medical student was produced in the local court

Faisalabad violence case : What do the family members of accused Sheikh Danish say?

Sheikh Danish accused in the case of torture on a medical student in Faisalabad has been handed over to the police on 5day physical remand by a local court on Thursday.

Faisalabad Sheikh Danish violence medical student in local court

Sheikh Danish accused in the case of torture on a medical student in Faisalabad has-been handed over to the police on 5 day physical remand by a local court on Thursday.

Family sources of the main accused speaking to News Reporter refuted the student's allegations and provided an old video message of her in which she is allegedly apologizing to Sheikh Danish for something.

A video of a medical student from Faisalabad went viral on social media on August 16 in which the student was being tortured & asked to lick his shoes.It can be seen in this video clip that the student hair was also cut & 1 side eyebrow was also shaved.

FIR of this behavior against the victim student was registered against them in which they have named 16 people including Sheikh Danish a businessman from Faisalabad and his daughter Anna.

City Police Officer Faisalabad Umar Saeed Malik told Independent Urdu that Sheikh Danish the main accused in the case has refused to accept the allegations leveled against him in  initial statement.

Family sources of the accused Sheikh Danish

Some sources in Sheikh Danish family told a Journalist on the condition of anonymity that Actually, the student has made a false statement.

In this regard he also shared a video with Independent Urdu in which the student can allegedly be seen &heard apologizing to Sheikh Danish in English.

He said that this video is some time old. Student came into Shaeikh Danish life through another close relative. Due to this Danish got divorced from his wife. Even before this, there were some differences between the two of them as a result of which the student) recorded a video of apology & sent it to Danish.

He also said that in this case woman named Maham is not a housekeeper but Sheikh Danish secretary & nanny of his children.

Journalist also contacted Sheikh Danish brother Sheikh Waqas & he said I condemn the violence against Khadija & think that the law should take its course.

Shaikh Waqqas clarified regarding the news in the media & said that Danish has nothing to do with Best Export Firm as it is owned by me while Danish runs ZA Enterprise. We have separated our business six years ago.

Court appearances & runaways

According to journalist Naeem Ahmad from Faisalabad on the occasion of Thursday appearance the lawyers & citizens present in the court premises attacked the accused Sheikh Danish & tried to torture him, which caused a stampede.

Meanwhile, instead of taking the accused to the duty magistrate court police took him to the session judge court and closed the door.

Later, the duty magistrate reached the same court room and while hearing the case, approved the 05 day physical remand of the accused after which he was shifted to the police station after calling for additional police force.

Rana Akhlaq lawyer of the main accused Sheikh Danish, has told Independent Urdu that the court has approved a 5 day physical remand of Danish while the facts in this case have been distorted by the student.

According to him: The student was a friend of Danish since 2019. She wanted to marry Danish. On Shaeikh Danish refusal they spread some of Danish videos on social media. Danish spoke to the student brother who himself brought the student to Danish house where the whole incident took place. On this occasion  student mother was also present there. Everything is there in the CCTV footage which was taken away by the police.

He said that it is also wrong that the student was Anna's classmate. Danish daughter Anna is 14 years old. She has just done her O Levels and is going to London for her A Levels. On the contrary  age of the student is 27 years.

Faisalabad Sheikh Danish violence medical student in local court

Faisalabad Sheikh Danish violence medical student in local court

Case investigation

Journalist Naeem Ahmed said that the police have added two provisions of kidnapping and trampling of cloaks and walls in the FIR already registered against the accused.

Accused Maham who was sent on judicial remand after her arrest yesterday in the case, has filed an application for bail in the session court, on which the court has summoned the plaintiff and the record of the case on August 20.

sheikh danish faisalabad video:

The four accused named in this case are already in police custody on two-day physical remand while Anna Sheikh, the daughter of Sheikh Danish the main accused in the case has not been arrested yet.

Regarding the case CPO Umar Saeed Malik further told Independent Urdu that an application has-been sent to the FIA ​​to include the name of Danish daughter Anna in the ECL list, while a special investigation committee has been set up to investigate the case. has been created.

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Faisalabad SSP Investigation Retired Captain Muhammad Ajmal has been made the head of this committee while other members include SP Faisalabad Division Muhammad Nabeel and Kotwali Circle DSP Qazi Farooq.