Electric Car In Pakistan 14 August Nur-75 Full view

 In Pakistan first electric car was introduced on the occasion of Independence Day View Interior 

Electric Car In Pakistan first electric car Nur-e 75 launched 14 August 2022 its 220 volt charging car has all the facilities.

Electric Car Nur-E75 Launched in Pakistan can travel 210 km on a single charge.

14 August Independence day first electric car made in Pakistan was unveiled at a private hotel in Karachi.

Electric car in Pakistan 14 August Launched

KARACHI WebDesk: After completing 75 years of independence Pakistan surpassed India by introducing the 1st domestically produced electric car.

Made in Pakistan electric car which was developed with cooperation of Dice Foundation and Pakistani universities & private sector was launched in a local hotel. India will also introduce an electric car on the occasion of Independence Day.

The electric car named NUR-E 75 will go on sale by the end of 2024 In Pakistan.

The commercial scale production of Election car will be funded through Series A B & C rounds of funding. The car will be launched under the brand name JAXERI. The initial prototype is a 5 seater hatchback. The sedan will be redesigned & electric SUVs will also be produced.


The  Electric car battery pack has-been developed at NED University the electric car with advanced features will also be exported. The electric car will be able to cover a distance of 210 km at a speed of 120 km per hour by charging in 8 hours from a 220 volt electricity connection.

A charger for vehicles is being developed at Sir Syed University of Engineering. High speed chargers are also being developed which will reduce the charging time.

The mass production of the car will save the foreign exchange spent on fuel import environmental protection, Pakistan will-be at par with developed countries in electric car technology & the economic stability of Pakistan will be achieved through access to electric car technology. It will be easy.

Electric car in Pakistan interior

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Developed in collaboration with various universities and vendors of Pakistan Nur-E75 has all the facilities including road map camera Wi-Fi.

The production of this vehicle will be started in 5 to 10 years after which customers will-be able to pay Rs 40 lakh for a car that will save you from petrol.

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