Saudi Arabia Bomber killed in sui-cide attack on raid team in Saudi Jeddah 4 person injured including Pakistani

Security personnel & passers-by are among the injured many person

Jeddah Saudi : A su-icide bomber blew himself up with explosives in Jeddah Saudi Arabia injuring 4 people including a Pakistani.

Bomber killed in su-icide attack raid team in Jeddah Saudi Arabia

According to Saudi Arabia official news Reporter agency Abdullah bin Zayed al Shahri is  most wanted suspect in  2015-2016 bombing of Saudi Arabia security forces blew himself up during a raid instead of being arrested.

Accused Abdullah bin Zayed al Shahri was wearing a suicide belt & blew himself up as soon as he was caught in clutches of the security personnel. 04 persons  were also injured in the bl-ast one of whom is a Pakistani.

WebDesk: Details about the injured have-not been provided but the hospital administration told  media Reports that the injured include security personnel & passers by. All the injured are out of da-nger.

Spokesman of Saudi Arabia security force told the official news reporter agency that Abdullah al Shahri was included in the list of 9 people wanted by Saudi security authorities. The search for the other Eight is on.

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Bomber killed in su-icide attack raid team in Jeddah Saudi Arabia

This incident took place-on Wednesday night however in view of sensitivity & the fear of other suspects being alerted official media reported the More  details today.

It should be noted that Abdullah al Shahri was the mastermind of  2015 mosque suicide attack & the 2016 bombings in Saudi Arabia & is a trained su-icide bomber.