Lieutenant General Sarfraz Ali: Pakistan Army wreckage of Corps Commander Quetta helicopter was found death of six military personnel was confirmed.

Corps Commander Quetta Lieutenant General Sarfaraz Ali left and Director General Pakistan Coast Guards Major General Amjad Hanif Sati right were carrying six people on the helicopter.

Quetta's helicopter was found, the death of six military personnel was confirmed.

 Public Relations Department of the Pakistani Army says that the wreckage of the military helicopter that crashed in Balochistan Lasbela district has-been found and six people including Corps Commander Quetta Lt. Gen. Sarfraz Ali have-been killed in the accident.

ISPR Pakistan says that the wreckage of this helicopter participating in flood relief operations was found in Musa Goth in area of ​​Windar.

According to the agency according to preliminary investigation the accident occurred due to bad weather.

Corps Commander Quetta Lieutenant General Sarfraz Ali, Director General of Pakistan Coast Guards Major General Amjad Hanif Sati and Engineering Corps Brigadier Muhammad Khalid among those killed in the accident besides three crew members including Pilot Major Saeed Ahmed Pilot Major Muhammad Talha Manan and Naik Mudassir Fayyaz included.

The Public Relations Department of the Pakistani Army said on Monday night that this Army Aviation helicopter went missing on its way to Karachi from Othal on Monday evening. The helicopter took off from Othal area at 5:10 PM and was supposed to reach Karachi at 6:50 PM but it lost contact with Air Traffic Control on the way.

A search operation involving helicopters was launched on Tuesday morning after air traffic control was lost.

A few hours before ISPRannouncement a senior officer of the Lasbela police told  British News Mohammad Kazim that wreckage of the helicopter was found on a hill in the Musa Goth area of ​​Sakran and apart from the police FC & army officials have also reached the accident site.

Earlier DIG Police Kalat Range Pervez Khan Imrani told British News that when the local people were contacted in connection with the search they said that last time the sound of a helicopter was heard in the area of ​​police station Sakran. was heard

Pak Army Corps Commander came to supervise the relief operations

Public Relations Department ISPR of the Pakistani Army had confirmed  disappearance of the helicopter on Monday night and said that helicopter was involved in an operation to help flood affected people in Balochistan.

It should be noted that Balochistan Lasbela district has been badly affected by the recent torrential rains & flash floods.

An aerial search has also-been started since Tuesday morning to search for  missing helicopter

Thousands of people are trapped due to standing flood water in different areas of the district where administration Pakistan Army FC & Pakistan Navy personnel are  participating in relief activities.

A senior official of the administration in Lasbela said that on Monday Lt. Gen. Sarfraz Ali himself had arrived there to review the relief activities so that they could be expedited.

Army Helicopter was found death Six Military personnel was confirmed with Corps Co.Gen Sarfraz

Blochistan According to DIG Police Kalat Range Pervez Khan Imrani corps commander attended meetings related to relief activities in Othal on Monday and also conducted an aerial survey of  affected areas before leaving for Karachi.

The official said that the Cor Commander & other military personnel had left Othal in a helicopter around 5 pm.

Where is Lasbella located?

Lasbela is located approximately 700 km south of Quetta capital of Balochistan. In the south Lasbela borders the Hub which is the largest industrial city of Balochistan while the Hub is adjacent to the largest industrial city of Pakistan Karachi.

Apart from Karachi this district is also bordered by Khuzdar & Awaran and in its border areas with Khuzdar and Awaran there are also Sangalakh mountain ranges.

Awaran is among the districts most affected by the insurgency. Rainwater from t Khuzdar hills enters Lasbela and sometimes floods occur there.

Transportation between Karachi and most parts of Balochistan is through this district. Before the establishment of Pakistan this district had the status of a state and the ancestors of former CM Balochistan Jam Kamal Khan were the heads of this state.

Who was Lieutenant General Sarfraz Ali?

According to British News Correspondent Farhat Javed Lieutenant General Sarfraz Ali belonged to the 79th Long Course & was part of the Pakistan Army Sixth Azad Kashmir Regiment. While the current Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa was commanding 10 Corps Lieutenant General Sarfraz Ali was commanding the Triple 01 Brigade as Brigadier.

After that he continued to serve as Defense Attaché in the Embassy of Pakistan in the US United States.

After returning from America Lieutenant General Sarfraz Ali was appointed Commandant of Staff College Quetta after which he also served as the Director General of Military Intelligence MI.

After serving in MI he was appointed IG of FC Balochistan South. This is the same area where his helicopter crashed.

After being promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General he was posted as Corps Commander 12 Corps also known as Quetta Corps.

Among the others on the helicopter with him was DG Coast Guards Major General Amjad Hanif Sati who was promoted to the rank of Major General during the Army promotion board last week.

Brigadier Khalid who was in the helicopter belonged to the Corps of Engineers.

What do we know about helicopters ?

 crashed helicopter is acrylic which is modern but small in size.

Only six people can sit in it at a time.

Earlier this helicopter also crashed in Siachen in 2021. The accident took place near 10 NLI Battalion Headquarters & 02 officers & 01 jawan on board were killed.