Airlines interested in supersonic aircraft flying at twice the speed

Airlines Company interested in supersonic aircraft flying at twice the speed

An agreement has-been signed for the purchase of 20 Supersonic Overture aircraft from American Airlines. These Supersonic planes can fly at a speed of 1300 miles per hour.

In today fast paced world reaching the destination by covering the maximum distance in the shortest time is becoming the priority & necessity of passengers and airlines. Air travelers usually buy tickets for airlines that will take them to their destination in the shortest time.

Airlines interested in supersonic aircraft flying at twice the speed
Airlines interested in supersonic aircraft flying at twice the speed

Supersonic Keeping in view the future needs & requirements American Airlines has entered into a deal to buy 20 supersonic aircraft & has made a deposit which is non refundable as per the terms of deal.

In a statement released by the supersonic aircraft manufacturer Boom Supersonic it has also-been said that American Airlines has also shown interest in buying 40 more supersonic aircraft.

After receiving the aircraft the world largest airline American Airlines will-have the largest fleet of high speed aircraft in the world.

Earlier last year another United State US airline United Airlines also ordered 15 planes from Boom Supersonic.

Baum says its new planes will-be able to fly at speeds of about 1300 miles per hour twice the speed of jets currently in use.

A model of the Supersonic Overture aircraft.

American Airlines & Boom Supersonic didn't disclose financial details but media reports put the cost of each plane at around $200 million.

Interestingly 20 supersonic jets that American Airlines paid for at a non refundable price don't currently exist. Currently their designs and drawings are being worked on.

Experts in the aircraft industry say that before the aircraft is designed & drawn it is decided which engine will be installed in it. After the engine is decided design & drawings of the aircraft are worked on. While Boom Supersonic officials are yet to decide which engine will-be used in their Overture aircraft.

Media reports suggest that Baum officials are in talks with Rolls Royce & several other auto companies instead of building their own engine.

Apparently Boom Supersonic is in no rush as they plan to launch aircraft in 2029.

Boom CEO Black School says that when his company plane takes off in 2029 it will be a different scene than it is today & the supersonic plane will cover the distance from New York to London in just three & a half hours. which nowadays takes 7 to eight hours. As if the journey will-be at twice the speed & the world will shrink further.

The World world largest airline American Airlines is working on a plan to add 40 Supersonic Overture aircraft to its fleet which will-be operated on long haul international routes.

School Kamzaid said that supersonic aircraft will prove to be profitable for airlines. Millions of people around world currently travel in business class & would prefer to travel twice as fast for the same amount of money.

According to Boom Super Sonic ticket from New York to London will cost between four and five thousand dollars. While the aircraft will have a capacity of 65 to 80 passengers from which airlines will be able to earn profit.

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American Airlines officials say the supersonic jets which can fly at nearly twice the speed of sound on long international routes will-be useful & attractive to travelers.

However critics say we should face the fate of the Concorde supersonic jets. Made in Britain & France  aircraft proved to be a white elephant for airlines due to their price and travel costs & 20 years ago the Concorde was phased out of their fleets.

Airlines interested in supersonic aircraft flying at twice the speed

Airlines interested in supersonic aircraft flying at twice the speed

Airlines interested in supersonic aircraft flying at twice the speed

Boom Supersonic says the cost of its planes will be lower. They will use three or the same four engines running on alternative fuels in their planes which will-be environment friendly.

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Experts say that the advantages and disadvantages of the planes of the Denver based Boom Supersonic Company will-be accurately assessed when they start their flights in 2029.

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