Approval of agreement between Qatar and Pakistan Army for security of FIFA World Cup.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Security Why Qatar chose Pakistan  forces?

 security force of Pakistan Army has left to handle the security of FIFA World Cup 2022

Pakistan decision to provide forces for FIFA World Cup is being taken as an unusual decision.

Another honor to the Pakistan Army The security force of  Pakistan Army has left for Qatar from Noor Khan Air Base to handle the security of the FIFA World Cup 2022. The force consists of officers junior commissioned officers & soldiers of  Pakistan Army.

Pakistan Army will provide security support to the Qatar government during  FIFA World Cup 2022. An 8-member international FIFA training team visited Pakistan in September. provided

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The Qatari government requested Pakistan for security assistance during the FIFA World Cup 2022. In this regard a four member delegation of the Qatari Ministry of Interior visited Pakistan in August.

Experts are calling the services of Pakistan forces for  security of  Football World Cup 2022 to be held in November & December this year in Qatar as an expression of full confidence in Pakistan forces.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif is in Qatar on a 2 day visit and his cabinet on Monday approved the deployment of Pakistan Army for security of the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Pakistan decision to provide troops for FIFA World Cup is being seen as an unusual decision & it is also being seen as having military significance in context of the situation in the region. Observers say that Qatar choice of Pakistan military reflects its military prowess as well as Doha fraternal ties with Islamabad.

General Retired Talat Masood says that it is a great honor that Qatar has shown confidence in Pakistan Army for the security of the world competition.

Speaking to Voice of America he said that Pakistani leadership will try to live up to the confidence shown by Qatar.

Shahbaz Sharif visit to Qatar possibility of consultation on the services of Pakistan Army for FIFA Football World Cup

Former diplomat Syed Mr Hasan Raza who served as Pakistan ambassador to Qatar says that Qatar has excellent relations with other countries but Doha decision to request security from Pakistan has-been made on professional grounds.

According to him number of Qatari army is limited which is not enough for the security arrangements of an activity like football world competition. For this reason he has requested the services of Pakistan Army.

It should be noted that at the beginning of this year Western Military Alliance NATO confirmed that it will provide security assistance for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar 2022. In July Turkey interior minister also said that his country would send 3,250 security personnel to Qatar for FIFA World Cup.

According to General Retired Talat Masood due to kind of friendly relations & cultural interaction between Pakistan & Qatar the leadership of Doha must have considered it appropriate that Pakistan army is the best choice. & not easy for the country. If another country were to take this responsibility it would have many conditions.

He said that Qatar also has relations with Turkey & India but this decision shows that Doha gave importance and priority to Pakistan. This will also be reason that no other country except Pakistan will-be able to show these services or performance in such a coordinated manner.

Talat Masood said that Pakistan forces have the experience of providing security during major competitions even if they are not international & the army has-been playing an important role in such competitions in the country. Pakistan army leadership is receiving awards from Muslim countries which can be seen how good their reputation is.

According to the summary presented before the federal cabinet of Pakistan army proposed an agreement in this regard on the occasion of the approval of providing security to Qatar for the FIFA World Cup 2022. It is expected that the agreement between the 2 countries will be signed during the meeting of the Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif with the Qatari leadership in Doha.

However no such details have-been revealed so far as to what kind of responsibilities Pakistan army will perform during global competition. However according to some reports after the agreement number of troops to be sent from Pakistan for security & safety operations specific skills & responsibilities of both sides can be determined.

General Retired Talat Masood says that the decision to send Pakistan Army to Doha at the request of Qatar also has strategic importance. According to him on the one hand Pakistan forces are at the forefront of providing assistance to Muslim countries whenever they are in need along with this Pakistan forces are present in the countries of the Middle East.

He said that due to the professionalism of Pakistan forces Pakistan has-been given importance in comparison to America China or Ru-ssia.

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Diplomat Syed Hasan Raza says that services of Pakistan security forces will benefit Islamabad because when you help a country they always remember it. It is not known whether Qatar approached any other country in this regard however this is not a voluntary initiative by Islamabad rather Pakistan has supported Qatar.

He said that Pakistan has old defense relations with Qatar. In the past Pakistan' forces have been training Qatar army navy & air forces. However he believes that this decision is not of much importance as it is only limited to this World Cup & the military forces will return at end of the World Cup.

He further said that it will-not have negative effects on Pakistan because Pakistan & Qatar are members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation & the mutual partnership between the 2 countries is very old.

Agreement Qatar and Pakistan Army for security of FIFA World Cup

Qatar: The Federal Cabinet approved the agreement between Qatar government & Pakistan Army for the security of FIFA World Cup. Qatar has asked for help from  Pakistan Army for security of the Football World Cup starting from November 20. In addition on the invitation of the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani Prime Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif will visit Qatar for two days tomorrow from August 23 to 24 2022. will make an official visit. This will be the first visit of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif to Qatar. During the visit Prime Minister will consult with the Qatari leadership on various issues. The two sides will review all aspects of bilateral relations, with particular focus on advancing energy related cooperation deepening trade & investment ties & expanding employment opportunities for Pakistanis in Qatar. The Prime Minister will also hold meetings with Qatari and Pakistani businessmen investors and entrepreneurs in Doha. The Prime Minister will also visit Stadium 974 in Doha where he will-be briefed about the extensive preparations made by the Qatari government to host the FIFA World Cup. It will further deepen the cooperation & strengthen their growing economic partnership.

World football's governing body FIFA has said organizers have sold 2.4 million tickets for this year World Cup in Qatar with more than 500,000 tickets sold between July 5 & 16.

FIFA said the largest number of allocated tickets were for group stage matches such as Cameroon vs Brazil Brazil vs Serbia Portugal vs Uruguay Costa Rica vs Germany & Australia vs Denmark.

Fans living in Qatar Saudi Arabia the UAE Mexico UAE United Arab Emirates England Argentina Wales Brazil & Australia led the digital queues by acquiring the most tickets FIFA said.

FIFA said the next phase of the sale would be announced at the end of September.

Agreement Qatar and Pakistan Army for security of FIFA World Cup

Agreement Qatar and Pakistan Army for security of FIFA World Cup

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The World Cup kicks off a day ahead of schedule with the opening ceremony with the host nation kicking off  tournament against Ecuador on Sunday 20 November.