All admissions in Isra University are closed by the Higher Education Commission

Isra University Pakistan:  issue of this educational institution appears to be a dispute between 2  groups that has-been going on for almost 2 years.

Advertisement published by Higher Education Commission regarding the closure of admissions in Isra University

Higher Education Commission HEC the government body overseeing higher education in Pakistan has stopped all admissions to Isra University with immediate effect.

Admissions in ISRA University are closed by Higher Education Commission

Isra University In advertisements published in national newspapers on Thursday the commission didn't give any reason for move but said that all admissions to Isra University campuses & medical colleges in Isra University Hyderabad  Isra University Karachi and  Isra University Islamabad will remain closed until the ongoing crisis ends.

A statement released on Isra University website gave some details of the closure of admissions.

Titled Parents & students beware advertisement like statement claimed that a group identity not disclosed is trying to issue fake degrees in Islamabad & Karachi campuses to rob them & destroy their future. wants to.

The statement explained that the authority to issue degrees rests with Isra University Hyderabad which can be verified by Higher Education Commission.

In this statement issued in name of Registrar Abdul Qadir Memon parents & students have-been warned not to fall prey to these unknown & unrelated persons.

According to newspaper reports issue of this educational institution appears to be a dispute between 2 groups that has-been going on for almost 2 years. Chairman HEC Mr Dr. Mukhtar had given 2 hours time to these 2 groups of university during a meeting to resolve the differences & improve matters however  differences persisted.

Chairman HEC took strict notice of this & immediately stopped admissions to all departments including medical at Isra University.

When contacted in this regard Additional Registrar Isra University Rizwan Khan told Independent Urdu Correspondent Amr Garu that Isra University Hyderabad is occupied by 1 party while Karachi & Islamabad campuses of Isra University are occupied by the other party and on behalf of parties. Such a ban was imposed by the HSC after allegations of violating the charter of the Jamia by hiding fake degrees from the private publisher & distributing them among the students & occupying the property of the Jamia.

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Applicable to all admissions including medical colleges in Abad until this ongoing crisis is resolved

HEC  High Education Commission has taken this decision to save thousands of students from wasting their valuable financial resources.

Alert issued by  HEC states that from  fall of 2022 the HEC High Education Commission will not recognize  degrees of students admitted to any program of Isra University including MBBS & BDS.

HEC says the  Isra university admissions are currently on hold but not outlawed so admissions may resume after some time when the university clears the HEC concerns. To apply for university admission students should wait for the next HEC announcements.

Admissions in ISRA University are closed by Higher Education Commission

Admissions in ISRA University are closed by Higher Education Commission

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Higher Education Commission Chairman Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed had earlier said that political leadership needs to cooperate in ensuring quality & implementing effective policies.

World 500 best universities Include Pakistan: 

Chinese colleges improve US United State of America declines & only 1 institution from Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam University. According to a recent ranking of higher education institutions world best universities are in United States & the United Kingdom UK but Chinese colleges are also rapidly gaining ground.

According to the ranking of  world best universities in the Global released on Tuesday by the British magazine Times Report Higher Education Oxford University is ranked first for 7th year in a row.

10 Best Universities in the World Global

University of Oxford UK United Kingdom

Harvard University  USA United States America

University of Cambridge United Kingdom UK

Stafford University America USA

MIT America USA

California Institute of Technology United State USA

Princeton University American USA

University of California United States America USA

Yale University American USA

Imperial College London UK United Kingdom

The top 10 universities in  Global in this ranking are in  UK & the United States. Whereas 1799 educational institutions of 104 countries have-been counted in it.

Times Higher Education Report also says the assessment is based on 13 performance indicators including teaching research knowledge transfer & World global outlook.

In Latin America USA educational institutions of 11 countries have-been included in this ranking where also Brazil has the most educational institutions among the best universities.

China Rise America Decline

The Times Higher Education Report has said in its assessment that supremacy of American US universities in research is now ending. It is due to the widening yield gap between elite &rest of the universities.

Regarding Chinese universities he says that the quality of research there is increasing. While America score has dropped from 70 to 69.4, China score has increased from 55.6 to 58.

According to Times Higher Education also Chinese universities are weak in one thing & that is internationalization.

For example in this ranking the score of Qinghua University .which is considered the best in China dropped from 50.6 to 40.3 in a global perspective.

In this ranking the highest number of 177 educational institutions are located in the US  & the United States  America is also at the forefront of the top 200 universities. While China is at the fourth position & has replaced Australia which is now at the 5th position.

In China Fudan University is ranked third and Shanghai Jiaotong University is fourth. This year they have shown significant improvement in their scores & this is due to improvement in performance indicators.

Compared to the year 2022 the aggregate score in the US United States increased by 0.1 in 2023 while China increased by 1.6 during the same period. The average increase worldwide is 0.7.

Which universities of Pakistan & India are included in the list?

Only one university of Pakistani University is included in the top 500 universities of the Global world.

In the list of 500 universities Quaid-e-Azam University of Islamabad is 401 ranked  while in the top 1000 universities Government College University Faisalabad UMT Abdul Wali Khan University, ComSATs Islamabad Bahria University, Dow University of Health Sciences, Hazara University Mansehra,U.E. T Taxila & International Islamic University Islamabad are included But Isra University is not Included. We Hope Next time Isra University also Run in this  ranking List.

While the Top 500 includes 5 higher education institutions in India the top between 251 and 300 is the Indian Institute of Science.

Reacting to  list of the best universities in the world and the performance of Pakistan a user on Twitter Mr Farooq Samar said Only one Pakistani university among the 500 best universities in Global world. The reason for the downfall of Pakistan is the lack of quality education.

Mr.Dewan Sachal wrote that the list of 500 best universities doesn't include IBA, LUMS or NUST ? It is beyond comprehension.

While Amar Hussain says that Pakistani universities seem to be no more than a paper press.

Expressing her opinion on Facebook Sudra Azhar says that 1 of the major reasons for the lack of education in Pakistan is that educational institutions return here a lot.

On the other hand a user named Najib ullah Babar sarcastically said that Sir my university is also topping but from below. This university is running without a VC it is the most unique university in the world.