YouTuber Bailey Sarin: Who Makes Millions Telling Crime Stories With Makeup

Bailey Sarin YouTube channel has over 6 million subscribers As Yet

For some people posting makeup tutorial videos that is teaching viewers how to apply makeup on the video sharing platform YouTube is nothing better than enjoying a few moments of leisure in their busy day. .

Then there are those who love make up videos that include make up as well as the spice of badass killers & crime stories.

YouTuber Bailey Sarin: Who Makes Millions Telling Crime Stories With Makeup

YouTuber These things seem strange do not they ?

But that true for Los Angeles based Bailey Sarin who has 6.4 million YouTube subscribers and is a make-up artist turned true crime expert.

YouTuber Bailey Sarin YouTube videos combine 02 completely opposite subjects. His YouTube series is called Murder Mystery and Make-up. What he started as a hobby has now turned into a full time career & he has been offered a job with major American streaming company Netflix among other things.

Bailey 33 is surprised himself that YouTube & true crime stories have become his daily routine.

I thought it would be great if I could make money from YouTube & pay some of my bills she told British News.

Now I have more than 6 million subscribers which is a lot. I never thought that this chain would become as big as it is today.

Their videos are very easy to watch. In her video Sareen sits in front of the camera & then talks about true crime stories while wearing make up.

They have to do a lot of research before making each video. There is so much research to be done that they have now hired a person to help with this task. In this research she researches information based on police interviews & court statements of accused & victims.

Most popular video in this series is based on the story of  notorious American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. Between 1978 & 1991 Jeffrey Dahmer killed 17 men & boys.

In the video Sarin tells stories of Jeffrey crimes while wearing starry eye makeup & bare lips.

His video became such a hit that it has been viewed more than 2 million times. Just for comparison finale of the popular TV drama Line of Duty' was watched by a record 130 million people in  UK. So far Sarin YouTube videos have-been viewed more than 80 million times in total.

But how was this possible  Sarin has no idea either. Honestly I still do not understand why people like this aspect of makeup she says.

YouTube Channel Video :

YouTube funny thing is that he started posting these types of videos all of a sudden.

Until about three years ago Sarin only posted beauty tutorials on her YouTube channel. He started his YouTube channel in the year 2013.

YouTuber Bailey Sarin: Who Makes Millions Telling Crime Stories With Makeup

Along with working as a professional makeup artist she was running her own YouTube channel.

After signing a deal with beauty subscription company Upsy Sarin began to rely more on her YouTube channel for her earnings although she also occasionally worked as a freelancer.

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Then came the news in 2018 of Chris Watts a Colorado man who was sentenced to life in prison for murdering his pregnant wife Shannan & 02 young daughters Bella & Celeste. It was a heartbreaking crime that was covered by media around the world but Sarin wanted to know how someone who seemed like the perfect husband could kill her entire family.

She was definitely nervous talking about it. Of course online trolls are no joke. However to deal with this she did what she always did wearing make up while telling the story.

YouTuber Bailey Sarin says: I was just doing it because I felt awkward talking about it on camera & I wanted to keep myself busy in the meantime.

Bailey Sarin says she wears make up during storytelling so as not to look awkward

However she was afraid of the reaction to the video because according to her I was wearing make up and talking about this horrible crime.

However within 24Hr of posting the video he realized something different was happening as the number of views on his videos was increasing rapidly. Finally the number of views on this video crossed 1 crore.


YouTuber said: So I thought I should try the same thing again with another story & see if it works. & it worked. & this continued then every week my number of subscribers increased.

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Mr Dr. Ruth Tully a forensic psychological consultant who works on crime in United Kingdom UK says that creating content that combines the 2 works because so many of us like to watch it.

She says that we have 1 eye on the television but the other eye on phone or tablet meaning that today we have-become addicted to multi screening.

Actually she is talking about the crime we are thinking about and during this heinous crime story there are scenes which are not scary but somewhat hypnotic or mesmerizing.