Which part of  body can be the most painful to get tattooed on?

British science and biology teacher Natalia Wellsher has a tattoo of Albert Einstein on her arm. He also has other tattoos on his feet wrists & ankles. Of all the tattoos he has had most painful ones were on his ankles & feet.

Speaking on the British Teach Me a Lesson podcast he said that pain is the body way of protecting itself & the function of nerves in the body is to detect pain.

Natalya Welcher said in a discussion about it that it is more painful to make a tattoo in part of the body where there is less fat & more nerves.

Which part of  body can be the most painful to get tattooed on?

In addition to the feet and ankles front of the shins armpits shoulders and ribs are some of the most pain sensitive areas for tattooing Velscher says. Although it depends on each person individual tolerance he adds.

Explaining the pain process she says During the process of tattooing nerves in that part of the body are punctured & they send pain signals to the brain.

However this person reaction to pain while getting a tattoo cannot be compared to that of another person.

He further says that every person ability to bear pain is different from another.

world  first tattoo

The world's oldest known tattoo was found on a mummy named Ötzi. This mummy is also known as the Iceman. The mummy was discovered in 1991 in a remote area of ​​the Italian Alps and had been frozen in ice for nearly five thousand years.

Tattoos found on  Otzi body were very small & very vague Velscher says. It was dots & a few lines. According to anthropologists this acupuncture method was a type of treatment that was created for medical purposes.

Anthropologists are baffled as to how the skin incision wounds would have healed & believe it would have-taken months.

He adds that it is quite astonishing to know all this at a time between stone and metal ages. He used to make this tattoo while sick. It is very surprising that they had this knowledge.

Which part of  body can be the most painful to get tattooed on?

Which part of  body can be the most painful to get tattooed on?

Over time tattoos became a means for everyone to tell their story.

Speaking of tattoos Velsher says Legendary history tells us that Captain James Cook during his voyages in the Pacific in the late eighteenth century encountered many people with tattoos on their bodies. 90 percent of his crew members had tattoos on their bodies to indicate their sailing route.

British naval soldiers also inherited the tradition & began tattooing themselves using urine and gunpowder during their sea voyages Welsher says. It was also called sea ink.

In the late 19th century a tattoo machine modeled after Thomas Edison printer was created.

Which part of  body can be the most painful to get tattooed on?

It was produced in the year 1875 & has not changed much since then. It still pierces skin 50 to 3,000 times a minute.

The largest organ of the body

Skin is the largest organ in the body accounting for 50% of the body weight & its top layer is replaced every 28 days. So why doesn't the tattoo ink come off quickly?

Professor Wellsher notes that skin has three layers. Out of which the upper layer is called epidermis middle layer is called dermis and the lowest layer of skin is called hypodermis. The middle layer of the skin contains blood vessels nerves muscles etc.while the lowest layer contains the fatty layer of the skin.

Tattoo ink is transferred to second layer of the skin the dermis where the arteries & nerves responsible for pain transmission are located she explains. Tattoos do not fade from the body because the top layer of skin protects them.

She says that when tattoo ink is injected into the dermis second layer of skin your body gets the message that it is been hurt so the body's defense mechanism is to make white blood cells there. Sends to those who try to quickly extract the political and add it to the bloodstream.

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However those inks are too much for human cells to remove from the body so they stay there. So we can see it though the upper surface of the skin.