Violation of holy places is a red line will not be tolerated

 Israeli journalist gil tamari entry into Mecca: Violation of holy places is a red line will not be tolerated

Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al Sudis the head of the organization that manages the Haramin Sharifin in Saudi Arabia has said that the violation of the sanctity of the holy places is a red line

His statement came after reports that the Saudi police arrested 1 of its citizens for helping a journalist affiliated with an Israeli TV channel enter  holy city of Mecca.

It is being told that these non Muslim journalists have American citizenship & are associated with Israeli TV channel Channel 13.

According to Al Arabiya TV Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al Sudais warned against violating the rules saying that those who did so will not be tolerated regardless of the nature of their work and their nationality.

This week Israel Channel 13 News aired a 10 minute report in which its reporter Gil Tamari visited places in holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia where non Muslims are prohibited from entering.

After the broadcast and criticism of this report Israeli journalist apologized & said that he wanted to show the beauty of Mecca & Islam to world in order to promote religious tolerance.

An Israeli minister has criticized Gil Tamari saying it was a foolish move that has damaged US United States diplomatic efforts for Saudi Israeli relations.

A man risked his life for me

Report was presented as a scoop and read that Gil Tamari is the 1st Israeli reporter to enter Mecca.

Violation of holy places is a red line will not be tolerated

In the video report Gil Tamari can be seen traveling by car & is accompanied by a local guide whose face is masked so that he cannot be identified.

In the text attached to the report it is written that after the security check point the Saudi police officer asked us to continue driving towards Mecca. In the distance you can see the huge clock tower of the city with the Kaaba next to it.

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During the report Gil-Tamari looks into the camera and speaks in Hebrew keeping his voice low. They sometimes speak in English so that no one knows they are from Israel.

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In it he himself explains that according to Saudi laws the entry of non Muslims is prohibited here. In the beginning of the video he says that this city is closed to all non Muslims. It is forbidden for them to enter here.

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