Videos of waves more than 20 feet crashing into houses in America US have gone viral

United States:In the southern coast of the US state of Hawaii high waves soaked homes Video & offices flooded roads & affected wedding ceremonies in many places.

A 20 foot tidal wave was recorded in southern Hawaii on 16 July &according to the National Weather Service it was caused by sea level rise and a storm in the South Pacific.

VIDEO US America Hawaii high waves soaked homes

Videos of these sea waves have gone viral on social media.

A wedding ceremony in Kailua Kona Hawaii Video was affected by high tides as tables and chairs were washed away.

Video Sarah Ackerman a writer who was there captured the scene on camera.

He said that the sea waves had crossed the protective wall & reached the wedding venue.

Chris Brankley head of the National Weather Service in Hawaii said there were a number of reasons why such large waves were seen.

12  to 15 foot waves Video are very large and rarely seen so the waves we saw were the biggest in decades he said.

He said that hurricanes in the South Pacific caused these waves while climate change also played a role.

Lifeguards at various beaches in Hawaii have saved the lives of many people who were in danger of drowning.