Tala Safwan TikToker arrested in Saudi Arabia on Charges of Immoral Video

 Tala Safwan TikTok: Egypt's TikToker arrested in Saudi Arabia on charges of immoral video

Tala Safwan TikToker says that this video clip is being shared out of context

Prominent Egyptian social media influencer Tala Safwan has-been arrested in Saudi Arabia over alleged (se-xu-ally) suggestive video content.

Tala Safwan who has 5 million followers on TikTok & 8 million on YouTube faced criticism online after she was accused of promoting homophobia in a video.

Tala Safwan TikToker arrested in Saudi Arabia on Charges of Immoral Video

However he denied the allegation saying that he had no such intention. Saudi Police is of the view that such material can harm the social environment.

With her short hair and unique personality Tala Safwan is a young vllogger whose video content is popular among youth. According to various media reports she was born in 2002 in  Saudi Arabia city of Jeddah where she lived with her family.

Their videos have-headlines that users click on very quickly. Apart from TV shows she also answers questions sent by her fans. These include discussing romantic relationships & embarrassing incidents.

She uses different methods of pranks or pranks while different challenges can be seen in her videos. This is the approach that successful influencers around the world usually follow.

However a very different reaction came out on one of his recent videos. In it she is talking to a Saudi woman whom she invites to her home as a friend. Meanwhile some of his sentences have-been considered (se-xu-al)

Thus a social media campaign was launched against him & included a hashtag which translates as Tala Safwan has offended the society.

In response he has said that his words are being misinterpreted. He has rejected any hint of homo (se-xu-ality) in his sentences. It should be noted that in Saudi Arabia it is still considered taboo to talk openly about this topic.

Tala Safwan says that the video clip has-been taken out of the context of the fully recorded video to create a scandal.

During the campaign on social media the Saudi Arabia police in Riyadh announced that they had arrested a man who during a video broadcast made a (se-xu-al) conversation with another woman that could have a negative impact on social morality.

Tala Safwan TikToker arrested in Saudi Arabia on Charges of Immoral Video

Saudi Arabia Police did not release Tala Safwan name but the message showed a video clip in which her & her friend faces were hidden.

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