Buy and sell cheap cars: Bazaar Sunday car market in Karachi that is fulfilling the dream of the middle class cheap car

In today  world of automation can be a daunting task.

Sunday Car BazAar :If you take out a car with a loan from a bank do not get caught in the trap of debt ? Where will down payment come from? Why wait so many months.

What if I took a second hand & got cheated? Where to collect so much money at once - finally find out that car prices have risen again.

Sunday Car Bazaar Karachi Dream of Middle class cheap car

D not think so lets  meet Adil Habib from Karachi who changes his car every four months. The funny thing is that instead of going to a car dealer or an app for this they turn to the Sunday car Bazaar market.

According to Adil not only do they get car of their choice easily and cheaply but they also sell their own car.

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Car market Bazaar is held every Sunday at the playground near UP Morr in North Karachi where dozens of vehicles are bought &  sold every week.

Sunday Car Bazaar Karachi Dream of Middle class cheap car

This bazaar has-been held for the last 15 year attracting people not only from Karachi but also from other parts of Pakistan.

Vehicles start arriving at this  Bazar Sunday car market from 2 pm & deals are made till the west in which cars of different periods & different types Suzuki pickups & jeeps are brought.

Why do people turn to Bazaar Sunday car market ?

There are dealers of used vehicles in many areas in Karachi including Khalid Bin Waleed Road Tariq Road Shahra-e-Qaedin and  New MA Jinnah Road.

There are also companies like Pak Wheels and OLX on  internet that help in buying & selling cars online. This raises the question of why people turn to bazaar this Sunday.

Adil Habib a young man has criticized online platforms claiming that one shows status of an online vehicle while other is different.

These vehicles are present in different parts of the city. Now who will go there & burn the oil of the vehicle so they go to this bazaar.

Sunday Bazaar Farhat Bukhari a Karachi resident sold a car here last week & is back this week .

He says If there are different vehicles here you get your own range of vehicles. On the contrary options on Pak Wheels & OLX are limited while if you go to the dealer the issue of commission also comes up. Here you can make a quick deal. If you do not like 1 car look at the other.

Sunday Car Bazaar Karachi Dream of Middle class cheap car

Sunday Car Bazaar Karachi Dream of Middle class cheap car

In addition we also learned that car noise room owners also come here to buy & sell sunday Bazaar.

Another such user Jabbar Ahmad Khan says If you drive on OLX or Pak Wheels you get a lot of fake calls. People get annoyed on the phone but here the deal is done in hours.

How are car & papers checked Sunday Bazaar?

In the bazaar you will see many people lying under cars inspecting the interior. Someone is opening the bonnet & checking the condition of the engine of the car some one is trying to guess by tapping the body with his fingers that there is no dent somewhere is its color in real condition? Yes or no

Farhat Bukhari says People have experience of driving but do not know how to check it so they bring dentures & mechanics who check the vehicle concerned. Both are present.

Adil Habib a young man says that if he likes a car he gives a statement of Rs 2,000 & gets a copy of running paper. No when it is confirmed & the heart is satisfied then the rest is paid.

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What does management help?

Due to the lack of an integrated public transport system in Karachi Pakistan largest city  middle class and upper middle class prefer their own vehicle for transportation.

On the one hand  purchase of new cars has increased in recent years on the other hand the business of used cars is also growing.

According to a report Pakistan's car market has been booming in 2022 with 27696 units sold in March alone.

An entrance ticket of Rs. 300 is charged per vehicle in this bazaar. Vehicles can enter the field from all sides while fort  50 people help them.

Muhammad Irfan is 1 of the organizers of the Sunday Bazaar. Some times 165 hundred and sometimes eighteen hundred vehicles come here while there is a capacity to park nine thousand vehicles in the field he says.

We line up the vehicles so that there is no traffic jam. In addition if someone car breaks down they are also helped & there are experts here he said.

If a buyer brings a vehicle file they help him determine which documents are complete original or not whether the vehicle can be purchased or not. In addition there is a facility to check from the relevant website from the computer.

In Karachi vehicles are snatched & stolen. According to Mohammad Irfan team of Karachi Police Anti Car Lifting Cell also comes here & if there is any suspicion they are taken for interrogation. They know from the chassis number & number plate whether it is fake or real such people have-been caught here.