Amir attacked by unknown people Senior Journalist Ayaz Amir ( ameer ) attacked by Unknown Persons PM issues notice

Senior journalist Dunya News MR Ayaz Amir was attacked by SIX unknown individuals on Abbott Road in Lahore.

When  JOURNALIST Ayaz Amir left the office of private  Dunya TV he was stopped by 6 unknown persons.

Senior Journalist Ayaz Amir attacked by Unknown Persons PM issues notice

Assailants also assaulted Mr Ayaz Amir & snatched his mobile phone & wallet.

Dunya News senior analyst  Journalist Ayaz Amir attacked by unknown persons PM Shehbaz Sharif issues notice

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LAHORE: ( WebDesk) Senior journalist & Dunya News analyst mr Ayaz Amir was attacked by unknown persons & injured while Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif & Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shahbaz have taken notice of the incident.

Senior Journalist Ayaz Amir attacked by Unknown Persons PM issues notice

 Journalist Ayaz Amir was tortured by his attackers & his mobile phone & wallet were snatched by unknown individuals.

Attack on journalist Ayaz Amir: Punches were hit from the window then dragged out

Leading journalist & columnist Mr  Ayaz Amir has been attacked in Lahore Pakistan following which Prime Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif & former PM Imran Khan have condemned the incident.

Expressing sympathy with Mr Ayaz Amir Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif directed Punjab Chief Minister main Hamza Shahbaz to conduct a high level inquiry into the incident.

Punjab Government Home Minister Ataullah Tarar said that he was in the office of News channel Dunya TV with Ayaz Amir along with the Lahore police team. He claimed that the government would soon reach out to the accused and take severe legal action.

Speaking to Pakistani News channel Dunya News after the incident Ayaz Amir said that when he left the TV channel after the program a car stopped him.

According to him a man wearing a face mask came and grabbed the driver while 2 men punched him out of the window & dragged him out to the ground where he was further beaten. has-been.

Journalist Ayaz Amir said that said persons also took their wallet & mobile phone with them.

Journalist Ayaz Amir

Pakistan National Commission for Human Rights NCHR said in a statement that attack showed that journalists in Pakistan were losing ground & that this was against the constitutional right to freedom of expression.

It is to be noted that in a ceremony held yesterday hi journalist Ayaz Amir had apparently criticized the Pakistani army in the presence of former Pm Imran Khan while appreciating  former Pm Imran Khan resistance against the overthrow of his own government he had also sharply criticized some of his own decisions. ۔

 Journalist Ayaz Amir speech

In his speech Ayaz Amir had said about the overthrow of Imran Khan government that the place where it was planned was close to Islamabad.

In the speech he also criticized the issue of extending the tenure of military chiefs. He said that the wise men of former Pm Imran Khan government took the matter to the Supreme Court from where the matter went to Parliament and now it has become law even though earlier extension was just a tradition.

On this occasion addressing former PM Imran Khan he had said that he also has a part in what has become a toy.

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Journalist Tariq Habib shared a picture of Ayaz Amir on social networking site Twitter and wrote that on his return from finishing the program on Dunya TV senior analyst Journalist Ayaz Amir Sahib was attacked by unknown people journalist Ayaz Amir and the driver. Was tortured.