Will Peshawar BRT buses be Sales to a private company for Low Price Rs 288 and Rs 144?

Peshawar BRT for sale! 4 crore bus for only 288 rupees Hey you can not even get a plastic bus for children to play with for 288 rupees these days.

Documents are being shared on social media in Pakistan according to which Peshawar Bus Rapid Transit or Metro BRT buses which were purchased by the government for Rs 4.4 crore per bus were handed over to a private company after completion of the 12 year contract. All prices will be given.

1st of all they tell you the price of Peshawar BRT buses on which they will-be given to a private company so sit tight. According to the agreements made by the government the private company operating these buses will be given Rs 288 for an 18 meter long bus & Rs 144 for a 12 meter long bus.

Currently there are 158 buses in use by Metro BRT Peshawar which will be given to a private company for only Rs 32 000 after the completion of this 12 year contract.

This amount is so low that there is a commotion on social media.No 1 is believing it & everyone wants to know why such good BRT buses will be given to a private company for a pittance.

British News has tried to find out why Peshawar BRT buses cost so low whether these buses will really be handed over to a private company at such a cheap price after the completion of 12 years & other metros operating in Pakistan. Are there similar agreements with bus companies?

Peshawar BRT Agreement

1st let look at the contract for Peshawar BRT buses operating in Peshawar under which the company was awarded a 12 year contract 02 years ago.

Among other clauses in the agreement 02 clause is that BRT buses will be handed over to the company when the 12 year contract is completed. It is priced at Rs 288 & Rs 144 respectively.

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Under this agreement the company has agreed to buy the base after completion of 12 years. Peshawar BRT has-been contracted with Daewoo Company to continue  operation.

Why will these buses be given so cheaply Price?

Mr Sadaf Kamil the spokesperson of Trans Peshawar in Peshawar said that this is an international procedure & all the metro buses around world are handed over to the same contractor or company at the end of their life. A contract is made with.


Sadaf Kamal said that the age of these buses is usually up to 12 years & after that it is harmful to run these buses. Agreements have-been made with the companies of all the BRT  metro bus services in Pakistan & these buses will be handed over to this company on the expiry of the ownership rights or on completion of agreement.

Contract is such that the company or the contractor is paid per kilometer & the company bears the cost of repairing & operating buses.

Mr Kamal said that there are 02 types of contract 1  where the government makes the principal payment for purchase of the BRT buses  the initial payment for the buses is made by the operating company. The difference here is that if the government pays the cost per kilometer is reduced.

For example in the  BRT metro bus services that are running in different cities of Pakistan the buses that have been paid for by the company under the contracts are being paid 234 rupees per kilometer by the government. Under the contract that BRT has signed in Peshawar company is being paid Rs 187 per km.

He says that the main difference is Rs 47 Rupes per km. If we look at the annual journey of a bus a bus runs around 70000 km. Now if you multiply 70000 by 47 then the minimum amount for 12 years becomes four crore rupees then the price of the bus is completed with this discount.

According to Sadaf Kamil actual cost of the buses that have-been purchased for  Metro BRT is between one and a half to 02 & a half crore rupees & this difference is related to the length of the buses.

Contracts for  BRT Metro Bus Service in Pakistan

This news went viral on mass media & then on social media that every 01 understood that the government is giving away these buses to lepers. This is not wrong either but the concession given by company in running this service under the agreements with these companies will eventually get these BRT buses to the company.

Similar are the contracts of  Punjab Lahore Metro Bus Service also Rawalpindi Islamabad Metro Bus Service Multan & Karachi Bus Service.

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In KPK  Khyber Pakhtunkhwa minimum token amount is kept for BRT Bus in other cities there is no token amount for BRT metro bus services it is just written that after the completion of the contract period these buses will-be handed over to the company. Ownership rights will be given.