Pak-Afghan Dosti Bus Service Time Route Ticket Price Details

Pakistan and Afghanistan Dosti Bus Service will Starting In August 2022 Again.

Two Routs of Dosti Bus Service and good Ticket Price It is very gratifying to know that during the recent visit of an official.

Delegation of Pakistan to Kabul it has-been decided that a modern Dosti bus service will be started from August on two routes for the transportation of the people of the two brotherly countries while the visa process will be streamlined. 

Pak-Afghan Dosti Bus Service Time Route Ticket Price Details

Proposals to facilitate and promote bilateral trade have-also been considered. A delegation led by the Foreign Secretary of Pakistan, who visited Kabul during the meetings with the relevant authorities of Afghanistan decided that a modern bus service will-be started at the crossing points of Torkham & Chaman from August while the visa policy will also be revised. It will be made easier & steps will be taken to increase trade and make more crossing points operational. The sad fact is that trade between Pakistan & Afghanistan has reached its lowest level in history due to the problems there. 40 to 50 crores is being said although during the year 2017 this trade was two to three billion dollars and from the year 2002 to 2009 this record reached four billion dollars.

Afghanistan is the easiest and most profitable market for Pakistan but due to the lack of seriousness of our respective institutions and the situation in Afghanistan we could not benefit from this vast market. Through Afghanistan we can easily reach the Central Asian states & Eastern Europe market. We have never given importance to these countries in the background that we can get incredible benefits from them bilaterallyincluding ending the energy crisis and trade. Now that our relations with these states, including Russia have improved a lot it is imperative that extraordinary attention be given to this & if we do so our economy will flourish because through CPEC & some other projects Opportunities to earn limited benefits have increased.