Neom Education and Health Plane Jobs Hospitals Universities Projects

 Mirror Line The Line Construction of education and health institutions in Neom to begin next year : Chief Executive Neom

Heath and Education: Nazmi Al Nasr  chief executive of Saudi Arabia modern city of Neom told Al Arabiya on Wednesday that the construction of education and health institutions & facilities in Neom will start next year.

Neom Education and Health Plane Jobs Hospitals Universities Projects

Mr Al-Nasr said that Saudi companies will work to implement these projects that are part of Neom. According to the chief executive work is ongoing in  industrial city of Neom Oxagon while work on projects related to residential areas & nearby islands will also start soon.

Commenting on Neom future city Dalain announced by the Saudi Crown Prince the same week Nazmi Al Nasr said that  current design of the city has-been finalized after six months of meetings with Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

He also said that world renowned engineering companies will implement projects in Daline.According to him model of the city is a sign of a significant change at the global level & world has not seen such a city before.

He further informed that the work on the infrastructure of the line started a year ago & we are currently developing a new technology which has not-been implemented before to enhance quality of life.

Saudi Arabia Prince  Mohammed bin Salman introduced different designs of Dalain on Monday. He said of Dalain that it is a model for future cities as they are currently facing significant environmental challenges.

In January last year he presented the initial idea & vision of the city. In it the concept of urban development & the practical interpretation of  cities of the future were presented.

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Dalian will-be 200 meters wide 170 kilometers long and 500 meters above sea level. Its city will run on 100 percent renewable energy in a carbon free environment with roads cars & the fastest means of transportation available in the city.

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