Neom The Line  City Project : Why does the plan to build a green modern city in the Saudi Arabian desert seem like showing a green garden to world?

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An advertisement  Logos for the city of Neom states that it will be a park- Career Neom city

Career: According to Saudi Arabia state news agency SPA Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced on Monday that he wants to house 9 million citizens in his new Mirror Neom city plan.

Its unique (Logo and)  design features 2 skyscrapers facing each other that are 500 meters tall taller than  Empire State Building. Their width is said to be more than 100 km. They are part of the Saudi Arabia prince $500 billion Neom City project which promises to transform a desert size of Belgium into a modern city Neom.

Neom City Project Careers Logo Jobs Saudi Arabia Mirror Line

Mohammed bin Salman announced  mega Neom project in 2017 and pledged that the project would lay the foundation for a more modern urban life. This is expected to increase foreign investment to reduce economy dependence on oil exports.

But despite the passage of 5 years Neom project is facing delays with the biggest difficulty being  realization of the Saudi Arabia prince dreams.

A dream of a green and modern Neom city in  desert

Glow- in the dark beaches billions of trees in a country of vast deserts passenger trains running above the ground by magnetic force a simulated moon a 100 mile eco friendly city along  desert.

These are some of  plans for a proposed future residential city called Neom Saudi Arabia wants to build such a city as part of its commitment to make its country green.

But the question is is all this really possible Neom City ?

Neom City  Project management claims that this is a map of the future according to which humanity will set the goals of development & modernization but this development will-not have any negative impact on the environment of  planet.

Urbanization Neom project is worth around $500billion & is part of Saudi Arabia ambitious Vision 2030  plan to wean its economy off oil. It should be-noted that oil industry has made Saudi a rich country but now Saudi Arabia wants the countr economy to be less dependent on oil.

City will-be built on a total area of ​​26500 square kilometers 10230 sq mi an area larger than Kuwait or Israel combined. The city planners claim that Saudi Arabia laws will-not apply in the city because it will-be an autonomous region with a system designed to attract investment.

Former banker Ali Shah habi is included in advisory board of Neom City. They say the massive region will include the construction of a 170kilometer 105mile long city called The Line which will-be settled as a straight line in the desert.

Plan for this city seems farfetched but Shahabi says that it will-be built in a phased manner. People say it a crazy project that going to cost hundreds of billions of dollars but it going to happen in a phased manner exactly where there not much of a gap between supply & demand.

It will be like Barcelona traffic free super blocks where each block will be self sufficient & have amenities like shops 5 schools so that people can find anything they need 5 minutes away he explains. Available within walking or cycling distance.

Neom : city is part of the Crown Prince concept of a Green Saudi Arabi  A week before the COP 26 climate change talks he also launched Saudi Green Initiative which has announced a goal of achieving zero carbon emissions by 2060.

Dr Joanna Depledge an expert on international climate change negotiations at the University of Cambridge said it was initially seen as a big step but it didn't meet the criteria after scrutiny. She points out that to reduce warming in Saudi Arabia to 5.1 degrees Celsius global oil production needs to decrease by about 5 percent annually between now and 2030.

Logo Of Neom City Project

Logo Of Neom City Project
Logo Neom City Project Saudi Arabia

Creative thinking Neom City Project

Neom Project defenders say it essential to build a smart sustainable city powered by renewable wind & solar energy with water supplied by carbon free desalination plants.

Saudi Arabia needs some-creative thinking because Middle-East is running out of water says Ali Shahabi of Neom advisory board.

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Neom What is it?

Neom City is a short term for new future. It is a vision of  dawning of a new era and a new future based on unparalleled imagination and intelligence. Neom City is a biotech & Fully digital hub spanning 26,500 square kilometers 10,000 sq mi once known as the regional Silicon Valley.

Proportion of Neom City population

According to earlier statements by  authorities Neom City population was projected to reach 1 million but according to Prince Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman this number will reach 1.2 million by 2030 and 9 million by 2045.

Target for the year 2030 is 50 million people. Half of Saudi Arabia and half of foreigners live in Saudi Arabia which is more-than 34 million people today. He also said that by 2040 the target is 100 million people.

Main purpose of its construction is to increase capacity of Saudi Arabia to get Also more citizens & more people in Saudi Arabia.

Neom a city 33 times the size of US New York City

Saudi Arabian city of Neom will be a new city 33 times the size of  US New York City .

Built along the Red Sea occasion Neom City aims to be a Silicon Valley with towns cities, research & education zones & tourist attractions as well as a 100 mile line of cities that emit carbon emissions from cars and trucks. Pure & named The Line In this linear city there will+be no cars or roads but the necessary amenities for all residents will-be present & available within a 5 minute walk.

Neom City Unique & unparalleled

Neom City is in every conceivable sense unique. A region on earth that was unfathomable before today.

A mark on the earth terrain that has not been seen anywhere before today. Currently being developed in Tabuk City  in the northwest corner of Saudi Arabia which connects Egypt & Jordan.

Neom city Best Strategies on International Investing

Neom is a pillar of Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 & is being built with a foundation that operates in 14 special investment sectors strategically designed to attract international investment. It is part of a major step towards diversifying Saudi Arabia hitherto oil focused economy.

Neom free region

It will-be a free zone with its own regulations and social norms specifically designed for economic development & welfare of its citizens. Innovation & creativity are being harnessed to attract the Global world top talent & make NEOM a business hub. 1st phase of NEOM is expected to be completed in 2025.

Neom Climate & average weather year in Tabuk Saudi Arabia

In Tabuk  summers are long hot dry & clear & the winters are short cold dry & mostly clear. During year temperatures typically vary from 40°F to 102°F & rarely fall below 34°F or above 108°F.

Based on the beach pool score  best times of year to visit Tabuk for warm weather activities are from mid May to mid July & from late August to mid October.

What is Neom The Line?

 Neom The Line is a city of one million inhabitants with a length of 170 km. which contains 95% of nature within the neum. & where there is no concept of transport cars roads like other carbon emission cities.

Line is a series of 1 600-foot tall buildings spanning two sides. which run parallel to each other. & go to deserts mountains & coastal areas. When the project is complete the $1 trillion building will house 5 million people. & its residents will-be able to travel from 1 corner to another in 20 minutes.

The Line  Neom A Civilizational Revolution

According to Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman The Line is such a project. It is a cultural revolution that puts humans 1st.

The route of  Neom The line

According to the plans these buildings will run from the Gulf of Aqaba to a mountain resort & a complex. Where the Saudi Arabia government will reside.

The Line Neom the 1st revolution in the last 150 years

The Line Neom  is a unique project for the first time in 150 years. A large urban architectural development is designed with people & humans in mind rather than roads. All essential services like schools medical clinics recreational facilities will-be available on daily basis. Also green areas and places will be within a 5minute walk. And that would be an excellent description of The Line.

The Line Neom a journey based on 20 minutes

Neom The Line will feature ultra high speed transit and autonomous mobility to make travel easier. & will give residents opportunity to reclaim spending on health & wellness. No journey is expected to be longer than 20 minutes.

line taller than the Eiffel Tower & the Empire State Building

Neom The Line project which is not only 200 meters wide & 170 km long. Rather it is 500 meters above sea level. It is taller than the Eiffel Tower &  Empire State Building.

Neom the line consisting of 14 economic sectors

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Neom city will consist of 14 economic sectors. That would generate an estimated $100 billion in annual revenue.

These sectors include design & Neom  construction Neom  education Neom energy entertainment & Neom culture financial services. Also Neom food health & wellness biotechnology manufacturing Neom media mobility sports. In addition digital technology tourism and water sectors are included.