Load shedding: Why do mobile phone signals and internet disappear as soon as the power goes out in Pakistan?

Internet Load Shedding :Iftikhar Rasool a resident of Mianwali District Punjab Province in Pakistan is involved in  information technology sector & works in software development.Internet is the most important thing in this field & for this they use the internet devices of 2 mobile phone companies.

Mobile Phone Signals And Internet Disappear With Load Shedding

Due to the increasing load shedding in the last few weeks there is no electricity in their area for many hoursIn Pakistan.

Mr Iftikhar says that there are towers of 2 mobile phone companies in his area but as soon as the power goes out  signals of one mobile phone company disappear immediately while the speed of internet on the other becomes very slow.

Mr Iftikhar Rasool has come up with a solution to the power outage in the form of UPS but he has no solution for the internet to disappear or Very slow down.

Mr Farhan Ahmed a resident of Kaniz Fatima Society in Karachi is facing a similar situation.

He points out that in event of a power outage the duration of mobile phone signal loss is much longer than before.

Power goes out & so does the mobile phone signal from above. The world is cut off. 

Concerns over service quality decline from mobile phone companies ?

In a recent letter to Pakistan Telecommunications Authority PTA from phone companies operating in Pakistan State Bank Pakistan SBP imposed 100% cash margin on power backup devices along with power load shedding. Fears of a shortage have-been expressed.

According to the letter from these companies some issues in  country Pakistan may lead to a decline in the quality of services of these companies including a prolonged power outage & the import of power backup equipment by the central bank. Cash margin increases by 100%.

Companies said that in these circumstances the quality service for licensing would be affected.

Are  fears of declining quality of service from companies justified ?

Decreased quality of service due to power load shedding & 100% caching margin on backup devices by Pakistan telecom industry including shutdown of signals due to closure of towers during power load shedding. management of Telenor was contacted about this.

Mobile Phone Signals And Internet Disappear With Load Shedding

Mobile Phone Signals And Internet Disappear With Load Shedding

According to a Telenor Company spokesperson  provision of quality services has become a challenge in the current situation as diesel is needed in generators to keep the towers on price of which has gone up by 62% in June alone.

According to the spokesperson cash margin has also increased by 100% and power backup devices have become expensive & it has become difficult to work in these conditions.

What steps is  Pakistan Telecommunications Authority PTA taking to provide services to customers?

When contacted on the matter PTA spokesperson in a written statement dismissed the reports of mobile phone service load shedding.

According to the spokesperson mobile operators operate under the terms & conditions of the license issued by the PTA.

Operators must provide uninterrupted telecom services to consumers & if they do not regulator has the power to take appropriate action.


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However the same authority in response to a letter from mobile phone companies said that the companies could highlight their problems but there was no justification for the financial reasons given by them.

Letter from the authority said that any concession in achieving the targets can be given only if  company has solid reasons for the difficulties it is facing.