Mirror Line Neom Project Zero Carbon City  by Saudi Arabia

Mirror Line Building : Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has announced construction of a carbon free city in Neom business zone which will be the 1st  major construction Line  project of the $500 billion Neom project.

Mirror Line Project: According to the British news Reporter Reuters Mohammed bin Salman said in his address on television that this city has been named The Mirror Line This city will cover 170 kilometers in which 1 million people will be able to live. The project will use 100 percent carbon free energy.

Mirror Line Neom Project Zero Carbon City  by Saudi Arabia

Muhammad bin Salman said that why sacrifice the natural environment for Builders development ? We need to change our thinking about traditional cities to modern cities of the future.

Later speaking to journalists in  northwestern city of Al-Ula Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said that this The Mirror Line project is the result of three years of preparations  infrastructure of which will cost between 100 and 200 billion dollars.

The investment for The  Mirror Line project will be from the 500 billion dollars fund allocated for Neom, which will be obtained from the Saudi  Arabia government the Public Investment Fund & local and foreign investors.

It should be noted that Neom is a huge project that is being built on an area of ​​26,500 square kilometers on the shores of the Red Sea. Equipped with modern technology several zones including industrial and logistics will be created in this area. The project is expected to be completed in 2025.

The Saudi Arabia crown prince announced the Neom project in 2017 as part of his Vision 2030 which aims to reduce the Saudi Arabia Arabian economy's dependence on crude oil revenues.

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According to the statement released by the Saudi government construction work on the Zero Carbon City project will begin in the first quarter of 2021. The project is expected to add $48 billion to Saudi Arabia gross domestic product while also providing 380,000 jobs.