Microsoft is set to introduce Windows 12 operating system in 2024

Microsoft Company is working on a new operating system Microsoft new Windows 11 operating system is not yet available to all users but the company has begun preparations to introduce a new version Windows 12.

Microsoft According to a report by Windows Central Windows 12 could be introduced by Microsoft in 2024.

Microsoft Company: According to the report Microsoft is launching a new Windows 13 operating system every 03 years.

Microsoft is set to introduce Windows 12 operating system in 2024

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This is a big change in way Windows is developed by Microsoft.

Microsoft introduced the Windows 10 operating system in 2015 before which a new operating system was introduced once every Three years.

Windows 10 was updated twice a year with major features and  at the time company officials said no new operating system would be introduced after Windows 10.

But in 2021 Microsoft introduced Windows 11 & also started making Windows 12.

Microsoft has-not made any official announcement in this regard & is currently working to make Windows 11 available to every user.

Windows 12 is reportedly set to begin development soon in 2023

Microsoft Windows 11 may be just a few months old but Microsoft is reportedly already planning a successor with Microsoft Windows 12 development set to begin next month.

This is according to the German tech site. Desk  one model Day who claims that according to his insiders Microsoft is ready to start development on Windows 12 in March even though Microsoft Windows 11 was recently released in October.

As per Tom hardware note the report was apparently confirmed by Swift on Security which claimed in a tweet that according to a Microsoft source Windows 12 is already in development and has two TMP. Will-be needed. While this led to rapid speculation Swift on Security soon revealed that the tweet was considered a joke leaving us with only a weak source for now.

While there is not much concrete evidence. With Microsoft already working on Microsoft Windows 12 or planning to do so it is hardly surprising that Windows developers are developing another version of the  Microsoft software they have-been building since 1985. Are

Even if Microsoft Windows 12 is about to enter development soon we ll have to wait until we hear any official word from Microsoft itself as this development is likely to be a multi year process. Will be.

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While we have-been waiting a long time for news on Microsoft Windows 12 thankfully Microsoft Windows 11 has no shortage of updates though not for the better.