Lal Singh Chadha Film :When Aamir Khan inspired by his son instead of Tom Hanks

Lal Singh Chadha Film : When Aamir Khan was inspired by his son instead of Tom Hanks

Film Star Aamir Khan said that he wanted his son Junaid to star in Lal Singh Chadha a film based on Forrest Gump.

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan says he did not watch Forrest Gump while shooting his film Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Bollywood Lal Singh Chadha Film Release 

Lal Singh Chadha Film :When Aamir Khan inspired by his son instead of Tom Hanks

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan 1994 Hollywood film Forrest Gump Lal Singh Chadha Film is going to release on August 11.

Film also stars Kareena Kapoor Khan & is directed by Secret Superstar director Advaita Chandan.

According to the Indian news paper Indian Express before  film release Mr Aamir Khan revealed in a media interaction that at one point during the film pre production he wanted his son Junaid Khan to play lead role of Lal Singh Chadha.

When a Reporter journalist asked Mr. Perfectionist if he had-seen Tom Hanks the hero of English film Forrest Gump he replied in the negative & said that he had never thought of watching film.

I had seen Forrest Gump a long time ago but when the script came to me it became my project. We never sat down a& watched the original Film.

During the shoot we watched some scenes for reference but never the entire film. However a strange thing must have-happened during making of the film.

 Bollywood actor Amir Khan then added that although Advaita Chandan has done a great job with the superstar singer he was not sure if he would give him project considering a difficult film like Lal Singh Chadha. & so they asked them to form their own team & shoot some selected scenes.

At the same time Junaid had returned from Los Angeles LA after his training & Advaita Chandan shot test videos with Junaid on the advice of Bollywood actor  Aamir Khan.

Amir  khan smiled and added that it thus became a test for both of them. According to Aamir Khan he was shocked when he saw the test video with his ex wife Kiran Rao

Lal Singh Chadha Film :When Aamir Khan inspired by his son instead of Tom Hanks

Describing Junaid performance as brilliant Amir khan said that he saw Lal in his son.

I knew my chance was gone. Laal had that innocence in her while I had to act her. I showed  film to around 100 people including my family friends & colleagues from Raju Hirani Karan Johar to Aditya Chopra and 98 people felt that I should cast them in the film.

However film scriptwriters actors Mr Atul Kulkarni & Aditya Chopra were adamant that mr Aamir Khan should do film instead of them.

He argued that film was not plot driven but its story was staged & thus a new actor should not act in it. After a long argument i finally agreed with him. 

Bollywood actor Amir Khan said that instead of Tom Hanks for Lal Singh Chadha he was impressed by Junaid performance.

Bollywood actor Amir further said that his son got the right style for the role & he chose the same style for his acting.

If you are wondering how  Mr Junaid Khan reacted to this Aamir Khan said that his son is quite a practical person &  he himself was against doing film as he felt it was too much for a new actor. It is a budget project.

However Amir Khan said that this incident may have-been disappointing for the young actor but it must have-taught him an important lesson.

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