Instagram Compny decides to remove video posts to highlight releases

Meta Compny:Introducing short videos feature rails in 2020 to counter TikTok from Instagram.

Now a photo sharing app owned by Meta is trying to convert all video posts into reels.

Instagram Compny decides to remove video posts to highlight releases

Instagram  company also confirmed that the change is being tested on a (limited) number of user groups around  world & aims to simplify video in the application.

We are testing this feature to improve  videos experience on Instagram said a Meta spokesperson.

Instagram Compny decides to remove video posts to highlight releases

Instagram Compny decides to remove video posts to highlight releases

Earlier a Twitter user shared a screenshot in which test takers were told that video posts would now be shared as reels.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the Instagram post.

& when it is introduced then what-will happen to the videos that users have just posted.

Similarly it is not yet known whether users will be able to post ten minute videos after this change verified accounts can also post 60 minute videos.

Change comes as the company recently announced that people spend more than twenty percent of their time on Instagram.

Last year Instagram head  Mr Adam Musei said the app would no longer be a photos sharing app because Meta  company was prioritizing video transfers.

Instagram decides to publish all videos in Rails

Social sharing application Instagram is expected to release all the videos in the form of reels soon to beat the TikTok

In 2019 November Instagram introduced a feature called Rails by copying TikTok which was later introduced on Facebook.

In the same way with the passage of time Instagram & Facebook  Meta also increased the duration of Rails from 15 seconds to 1 minute after which popularity of Rails increased on both platforms in 2020 & 2021.

Given the popularity of Reels Facebook Meta recently announced  monetization of short videos.

And now  news has come out that Instagram will soon start publishing all the videos in the form of reels meaning that every video shared there will-be seen in reels instead of posts.

Under the aforementioned feature  general public will not only be able to watch the rails of any Instagram user but will-also be able to copy and download their videos.

Under the new features any user will-be able to create their own video on someone else video however the credit 4 the original voice will go to  original creator.

In addition under this feature users will have the option to keep their videos private or remove them from the rails.


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Its possible to include longer videos in the rails but it is too early to say.

In addition to rails videos can now be posted on Instagram in the form of stories & posts & these videos can last up to an hour or more.