Imran Khan Speech Chief Election Commissioner should resign immediately

 Speech Today Imran Khan :We do not have confidence  Chief Election Commissioner should resign immediately : Demand Imran Khan

WebDesk: Chairman PTI Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan says that economy will-not rise until political crisis is over the only way is clean & transparent elections  Chief Election Commissioner Pakistan should resign immediately  Soon we do not trust him.

Imran Khan Speech Chief Election Commissioner should resign immediately

Addressing the public Former PM Imran Khan said that an artificial political crisis was created 4 our government when the country was going in the right direction a conspiracy was made against us every-thing was going positive in our government now people have-become aware. It has woken up we are not ready to be enslaved by anyone else it is a big thing when consciousness comes in the nation & the ideology is understood.

Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf said that the economy will not improve until the political crisis is over  only way is a clean & transparent election all tactics have been used to defeat us in the election there cannot be a clean & transparent election under this Election Commissioner. The commissioner should resign immediately we don't trust him.

Imran Khan Speech Chief Election Commissioner should resign immediately

Imran Khan Speech Chief Election Commissioner should resign immediately

Imran Khan said that in the last 2 years of our government all the indicators were going up large scale manufacturing increased which increased employment record sales of motorcycles in villages highest dollar was coming in during our time record exports increased in 02 years. exports increased by 75% during our regime.

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He said that the global inflation had started from last summer when we used to say that there is global World inflation then they used to take out long marches I & Mr Shaukat Tareen tried to explain we explained that the economy will not be managed if the government is overthrown.

Former PM Imran Khan said that we knew why these people wanted to come to power as soon as they came these people ended  cases of 1100 billion rupees I am going to the Supreme Court against their ending the cases of 1100 billion rupees.

Former prime minister imran khan said that today Pakistan is on the fourth position in the list of bankrupt countries Moody has made Pakistan rating negative negative rating means that we will get expensive loans there is a fear that WAPDA will now have to build a dam. The money will not be received the foreign exchange reserves have halved since it came in the rupee should have strengthened after agreement with the IMF but has fallen further.

Breaking News : Isreal President Conform that Pakistani Delegation Visit Isreal.

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He further said that there is only 1 way and that is a clean & transparent election. If they want to hold an election like the one they conducted in Punjab then the crisis will increase. The Supreme Court ordered that the state machinery will not interfere. Cut used the state machinery  most regret is the Chief Election Commissioner who committed malpractice & tried his best to win the Pakistan Muslim League N PML-N.

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