Hitler watch sold in America for 11 million dollars Jewish leaders express concern

A $1.1 million auction of a watch in the America United States that may have belonged to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler has sparked controversy. Called The Huber the watch bears Adolf Hitler initials AH & he Nazi symbol a swastika & was purchased by an unknown person.

Hitler watch sold in America for 11 million dollars Jewish express concern

The auction was condemned by Jewish leaders even before Alexander Historical Auctions in America United States US state of Maryland.

However auction house which has previously auctioned memorabilia from the Nazi era told German media that its aim was to preserve history.

Adolf Hitler was ruler of Nazi Germany from 1833 to 1945 & during that time he is accused of killing 10 million people 600,000 of whom were killed because they were Jewish.

According to the information about this watch it was given to Hitler as a gift for his birthday in 1933. He was elected Chancellor of Germany in the same year.

According to an analysis by the auction house 30 French soldiers stormed Hitler residence in May 1945 & took the watch with them as a souvenir.

Since then watch has been sold many times over the generations.

Other items in the auction include a dress belonging to Hitler wife Eva Braun autographed photos of Nazi officials and a yellow piece of cloth with the Star of David & the word Jew which is the German word for Jew.

During the Holocaust Nazi forces tied these yellow cloths to the arms of Jews to identify & segregate them.

A letter signed by 34 Jewish leaders called the auction disgusting & demanded that Nazi era memorabilia not-be auctioned.

Menachem Margolin chairman of the European Jewish Association & a Jewish scholar says the auction has strengthened people who supported the Nazi party power.

While it is important to learn from history & keep Nazi memorabilia in museums & places where people can learn from it this clearly cannot be achieved by selling them he wrote.

Speaking to German media ahead of the auction Alexander Historical Auctions said its aim was to preserve history and that most of the items sold were either taken by people for personal use or donated to Holocaust museums. are

Hitler watch sold in America for 11 million dollars Jewish express concern

For better or for worse history must be preserved Senior Vice President Mandy Greenstein told DW news. If you destroy history there is no evidence that it ever happened.

According to the documents released by the auction house there is no proof that Hitler even wore the watch. However according to an independent expert assessment is possible that this watch was owned by Hitler himself. 

According to DW auction house expected the watch to sell for between $20 million &  $4 million but their estimates turned out to be wrong.