Agricultural laborers made cricketers and umpires in fake IPL

Fake IPL : In the case of cheating Russian gamblers of crores of rupees through a fake form of the Indian Premier League IPL the world largest cricket tournament it has now-been revealed that cricketers who were shown playing Fake IPL cricket matches in stadium They were actually agricultural laborers.

Not only this thugs also ran a commentary through memory of a well-known commentator to avoid any suspicion about fake IPL.

Gujarat police have arrested four people in a fake IPL case. He is accused of arranging a fake match & gambling with gamblers from 03 Russian cities on a social media telegram app Fake IPL.

Fake IPL Agricultural laborers made cricketers and umpires

01 of the accused was working in a Russian bar said Mr Bhavish Rathore a Indian police officer investigating case. He has-been in contact with some Russians since he came here. It attracted him to cricket batting.

According to him further investigation has-revealed that real suspect behind this fake IPL fraud is a Russian citizen named Efemov.

According to police Mr Asif Muhammad & Ashok Chaudhry were helping him in Russia. Asif is said to be from Pakistan. Gujarat police were quoted as saying that the accused messages on telegram showed that besides Efemov & his Indian aides 02 Russian &  03 Pakistani nationals were also involved in the fraud.

Fake IPL cricket matches were played not only in Gujarat but also in Uttar Pradesh india Jalandhar & Pune in india.

Indian Police have-also confiscated cricket equipment from the organizers of fake IPL

India Uttar Pradesh police have-also arrested 02 persons who had organized matches in Meerut & Hapar with the help of local players.

Police say small towns & cities were selected for  fake IPL so that stadiums & playgrounds could be rented for less money. At least 20 matches were played in Meerut. The purpose of continuing matches was to enable customers who came to bars in 03 Russian cities of Tver Voronezh & Moscow at different times to bid on these matches.

Indian Police said the matches were streamed live on YouTube channel & mobile app. 01 accused Mr  Shoaib Dawood told police that 21 agricultural laborers  were brought to the 02 of Molipur in Gujarat for a fake IPL match for Rs. 400.

Fake IPL of India on which millions of Russian gamblers are lying

He was fed up as a cricketer wearing a uniform. Some of them were made umpires & were given walkie talkies to give the original color.

cricketers and umpires in fake IPL

cricketers and umpires in fake IPL

He added that a meme commentary was also made in a voice similar to that of famous cricket commentator Harsha Bhogle. An attempt was made to give impression of a crowd in field by downloading the voices of the crowd of spectators from the internet. The entire match was live streamed through 05 high quality HD cameras.

Fake IPL matches were started 03 weeks after end of the original IPL.

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Indian Premier League IPL is the highest paid tournament in world of cricket. Under Indian law gambling is not allowed in any sport other than horse racing.

However police say that despite this billions of rupees are illegally gambled during cricket matches in India.