Dua Zahra is between 15 and 16 years old medical report submitted in court

The medical report of Dua Zahra Kazmi a girl allegedly abducted from Karachi has been submitted to  Judicial Magistrate Court according to which she is between 15 & 16 years old & around 15 years old.

Mehran Kazmi  lawyer Jibran Nasir responding to medical report submitted to the court said that the medical board has confirmed the position of Dua zahra parents & rejected the previous medical report in which Dua Zahra kazmi age. 17 years were reported.

Dua Zahra Kamiz is between 15 and 16 years old medical report submitted in court

According to Gibran Nasir this also proves that NADRA documents are correct & Dua zahra is in fact a 14year old girl.

Gibran Nasir told the British news  that now that the medical board had made it clear that Dua zahra was too young  police should take action on his own in the kidnapping case instead of ordering him to do so.

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It may be recalled that the police had taken a stand in their challan that the girl is an adult and she had left the house of her own free will so there is no case of kidnapping.

Dua Zahra Kamiz is between 15 and 16 years old medical report submitted in court

Gibran Nasir a lawyer for Dua Zahra kazmi father Mehdi Kazmi said If the police maintain a reluctant attitude they will approach the judiciary again.

In this report of the medical board available to the British news the 10 member board has unanimously decided that the age of Dua Zahra Kazmi is between 15 &16 years and close to fifteen years.

The team was led by Dr. Saba Sohail Principal Dow Medical College. According to the report Dua Zahra kazmi underwent a detailed physical examination & X-rays were taken of both her hands both elbows, pelvis, teeth etc.

We need better procedures and training in both the police & the judiciary to save our children Nasir jibran said in a message on social media.

For 2 & a half months the parents had to struggle for their daughter recovery while Dua zahra  was unaware of herself and in unimaginable danger he added.

Dua Zahra Kamiz is between 15 and 16 years old medical report submitted in court

Dua Zahra Kamiz is between 15 and 16 years old medical report submitted in court

Dua Zahra zahara medical test in Karachi on court order

Dua Zahra medical tests were completed on July 2 in Karachi on a court order to determine her age. Police presented Dua Zahra before  medical board at Services Hospital where X-rays of her bones & teeth blood tests physical examination & other tests were completed.

After which Dua Zahra kazmi was taken to Dow Dental Hospital for dental test. A special team of Karachi Police brought Dua zahra from Lahore to Karachi for a medical test where the Anti Violent Crime Cell took Dua zahra  into their custody.

Medical board also summoned Dua zahra  mother who appeared before the board and answered questions about Dua life while the medical board also summoned Dua zahra  father & lawyer.

It is to be noted that the local court of Karachi in its judgment issued on June 25 had ordered to form a board for re medical of Dua Zahra kazmi  after which the police team had reached Lahore to collect Dua.

Last month health department in Pakistan's Sindh province formed a 10 member board to determine Dua Zahra Kazmi age as Dua Zahra father Mehdi Kazmi, filed a constitutional petition in the Supreme Court seeking the formation of a medical board and a medical certificate. Was challenged.

But the question is what method do the authorities use to determine 1 age?

How is age determined? medical

Police Surgeon Dr Samia Syed explains that one age is determined in 5 stages ranging from documents to bone measurements.

Data and details Medical

1st step in determining the age of any child is to collect data. According to Dr Samia Syed the authorities will 1st record her bio data in which she will look at her name father's name if married husband name how old she is what her identity is on the body. The inspection permission is then obtained and a signature and thumbprint are taken for consent.

Examination of documents Medical

The second step is documentation. According to Dr. Samia Syed it is looked at what is available in the documents namely hospital birth certificate local level birth certificate NADRA birth certificate then school records if any available or any other document like Dua Zahra kazmi  In the case his parents have a marriage certificate.

Physical examination Medical

In the 3rd stage of determining the age the boy or girl is physically examined.

According to Dr. Samia Syed whether it is a boy or a girl their height weight physical features or signs of puberty such as armpit hair beard mustache etc. while breast growth in girls menstruation. Or start- ups all of which are examined.

Estimation of age from teeth Medical

Dental examinations are also performed to determine age. Dr. Samia Syed says that it shows how many teeth there are they know the number of sugarcane & also a complete X-ray of both the jaws.

After the X-ray the dentist also tells the level of the roots of the teeth & the number of teeth also shows the age & secondly these roots also help.

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Measuring bones Medical

Measurements of bones are also helpful in determining age. Police Surgeon Dr Samia Syed adds that in the fifth stagethe boy or girl will have an X-ray of the elbow wrist and shoulder bone. You can also do an X-ray of the pelvis.