Deadly poisonous mushrooms are not part of your diet and  Difference Between Edible Magic And Poisonous  Mushroom 

Mushrooms are a growing trend in The India and are replacing many home grown vegetables Of Global. But some peoples instead of buying mushrooms from shops go & collect them from forest.

Difference Between Edible Mushrooms And Poisonous Mushroom In such cases many times the news of death due to poisonous mushroom comes to  fore. A recent such case has come from the northeastern state of Assam india where 13 people died after eating poisonous mushrooms.

Poisonous mushrooms and Edible  Mushrooms Assam Medical College and Hospital AMCH president Dr Mr Prashant Dihangia said all victims had eaten wild poisonous mushrooms in their homes like normal mushrooms.

All of them complained of nausea vomiting & stomach pain after eating this mushroom says Dr Mr Dehangia. When his health started deteriorating he was brought to  hospital for treatment.

Dr Dehangia said that such cases come every year & most of  cases come from tea garden areas in India . Many people do not know Difference Between Edible And Poisonous Mushroom difference between wild mushrooms and normal  edible mushrooms so they mistakenly eat poisonous mushrooms.

Dr. Mr Dehangia said that there is a need for awareness among the people but currently not much work is being done in this regard.

Which part of the body is affected Edible And Poisonous Mushroom ?

Talking about complications caused by eating poisonous mushrooms Dr. Mr Dehangia said There are some mushrooms that affect the liver & kidneys. Sometimes patients reach the hospital very late & do not survive despite taking medicines.

Dr Said that in some cases effect of mushroom poison is not immediate in the body but after 04 to 05days its effect begins to appear gradually.

According to the Indian Farmers Digest of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research ICAR in most cases the identification of Difference Between Edible And poisonous mushrooms is mistaken due to their similar color & appearance.

What Difference Between Edible And Poisonous Mushroom : Most dangerous substance found in them is emanatin. These are found in the Death Cap & Destroying Angel mushrooms. It is also found in small brown mushrooms. Most of  deaths are due to this emanatin present in mushrooms.

Why are Difference Between Edible And Poisonous Mushroom Miss identified?

According to ICAR identification of poisonous mushrooms is difficult. There are certain assumptions about mushrooms that people have generally been Edible to make to detect poisonous mushrooms but according to the paper poisonous mushrooms cannot be detected with certainty based on these assumptions.

1 of these methods was to determine whether mushroom was poisonous or not by the color of the mushroom.

Brightly colored mushrooms are thought to be poisonous but most poisonous mushrooms in the world are brown or white in color. color of the destroying angel is pure white. Mushrooms containing amanitin can be bright orange or white in color.

People also say that when poisonous mushrooms are mixed with silver the color of the silver Color turns black but this has not been proven yet. Along with this, people also believe that  mushroom cap i.e. the cap like upper part of the mushroom is poisonous if it is pointed but if we talk about the death Poisonous cap mushroom its shape is not pointed but round.

Difference Between Edible And Poisonous Mushroom Magic

Difference Between Edible And Poisonous Mushroom Magic

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What can be taken care of Difference Between Edible And Poisonous Mushroom ?

Clinical nutritionist Dr Mr Nupur says that sometimes people use mushrooms as a starter & people eat mushroom dishes with alcohol which can be dangerous.

Dr also said that sometimes eating common mushrooms can cause food poisoning. He said that Mushrooms should not be given to children under 07 years of age because they don't have enzymes that can digest mushrooms by that time.

Dr Mr Nupur says that even if you buy mushrooms from the market they should be firm. It should not contain any moisture. Also mushrooms should not be kept in plastic as these can be harmful to the mushrooms.

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She also advises that if you bring in fresh cut mushrooms they should be eaten within 48 hours.

He said:  Mushrooms are always grown in a controlled environment so you can not pick any mushrooms from the wild & eat them because they can be dangerous.

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Why are mushrooms so special ?

What exactly is a mushroom ? It is a fungus that produces bacteria that spreads through the air Dr. Mr Nupur said. Mushrooms grow on soil or wood.

Mushrooms have-been eaten for many years. It is even more popular these days as it is considered good for health. It does not contain cholesterol & fat. Apart from this nutrients like potassium vitamin D fiber selenium are also present in mushrooms.

It improves immunity. There are some types that form a cancer fighting barrier by preventing DNA damage.

There is also some evidence to suggest that mushrooms may-also be effective in fighting diseases such as Alzheimers

There are over 2000 species of mushrooms but only 25 of them are edible. Mushroom production in India started in the 1970s.

According to 2012 Agriculture Yearbook about 1000 years ago the people of China started cultivating mushrooms but the people who traded them were from Europe. They started growing button mushrooms in the 16th & 17th centuries.

Difference Between Edible And Poisonous Mushroom Magic

How are mushrooms cultivated ?

According to official data 201088 tonnes were cultivated in India during the year 2019-20. The highest cultivation is in Haryana 20050 tonnes. After Haryana states like Odisha earlier Orissa & Maharashtra are also included in this list.

According to the 2018 data of the Food and Agricultural Organization China is the world leader in mushroom cultivation. It is followed by united state USA & Netherlands.

Button mushroom & oyster mushroom are more popular in India. Paddy straw mushroom & milky mushroom are also found here. If we talk about button mushrooms according to National Horticulture Board these mushrooms are traditionally grown in the north west region or in the mountains of India during the winter season.

It takes 06 to nine months. But now due to technological advancement it can be grown in any season & anywhere.

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Oyster mushroom is grown for 06 to 06 months in a year at moderate temperature i.e. 20 to 30 degrees Celsius. It can also be grown in summer. Cultivation of these mushrooms is very easy & cheap in rural areas where raw materials and necessary facilities are readily available.

Compost is required for mushroom cultivation. These fertilizers are specially made using wheat bran & chicken manure among others.